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Sex Smoke

Sex Smoke

Review date: 20-Oct-2017 07:45. The intro page to Sex Smoke features a gorgeous woman in a seriously hot bondage brassiere blowing a cloud of thick white smoke out of her darkly painted lips. A cigarette dangles between her fingers.

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Sex Smoke

Intro promises:
It is the only cigarette on the entire site. Despite a lot of text on that front page about sexy woman blowing smoke rings around big cocks, there’s no content even vaguely resembling such a thing. The members section features an all-too familiar portal-type site offering everything from hot frosh cheerleaders to “manic mommies”. But no smokers. They don’t even list smoking as one of the possible interest categories on the bonus sites.

I can say a few other nice things about this site: it did not crash my computer. It did not contain a virus. EDIT: While I was writing this, the site did in fact crash my computer, taking with it the original draft of this review and knocking another point of the already miserable rating the site had earned. Sex Smoke took up an hour of my life I’ll never have back, looking futilely for the promised content. But I can go to bed tonight feeling good, if not because I got off looking at sexy smokers (I wish), but because I saved you, gentle reader, from this frustrated fate.

There’s a lot of good porn on the ‘net, some of which features hot women with cigarettes, and this is just not it. There is some reasonably hot content here, particularly in the cheerleader genre, but you can get it cheaper somewhere else.

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