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Sex Station 7

Sex Station 7

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:45. At the risk of sounding like an overly critical videogame fanboy who'll argue for hours on message boards whether'an Xbox 360 or a'PS3 gives him a bigger stiffie, tonight I'll detail my bit o' disappointment with Sex Station 7 and the downloadable-by-episode first person shooter (FPS)'with naked chicks in it'of the same name.

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Sex Station 7

Intro promises:
For $19.95, members here have to download the main game and'the subsequent levels as they're released. With a storyline similar to many other on-market titles, the game tries to'distinguish itself with an added adult twist that, in my experience, doesn't pan out. As Special Agent Dylan Owens of the Genetic development ministry, you've been called upon to investigate the status of a top-secret female engineering project being conducted in a space station. Success will supposedly be rewarded with a never-ending wave of cyberbabes who'll serve you sexually. You'll likely be sucked in (not off) by the graphics, which are high resolution and showcase well-rendered CGI characters. The naked and semi-naked ladies, in particular, are realistically detailed'down to individual freckles and nipple bumps. From here though, the game is typical of most FPS. As you move through each labyrinthine level, you shoot it out with gun-toting enemies; pick up different weapons; throw around wooden crates; and, walk around some more.

Starting with 'The Beginning,' which is designed to familiarize you with the keyboard/mouse-combo controls, each episode is supposed to vary in its degree of difficulty. But, I found 'Supply' and 'Agony,' and the not-yet-released as of this review 'Orgy Porgy' and 'Ecstasy' to be only a little longer and not much harder. All of these took only a few minutes to beat, but were consistently plagued with a glitch that stopped any forward or backward movement, and could only be fixed by reloading the game. I know, I know'what about the sex? Basically, as you move through the station, you'll encounter a'sexy naked chick walking around, showering, or cowering in a corner. After complaining about the bad guys, she'll tease you with some dirty talk ('My nipples are getting hard') before leaving you staring at her perfectly contoured'ass. In a locker room area, nude dudes'move around, zombie-like, with the straightest pointing boners you've ever seen, but their purpose here is pretty pointless. Eventually, through cinematic cut scenes, some of the gals lie down and touch their fully detailed selves in an attempt to inspire you, and'moan a little'as you'walk'past them. Unlike the promo screencaps would'like you to believe, I couldn't find any that were willing to blow me, or Special Agent Owens. The Artificial Intelligence of the characters varies, as many of the scarce enemies are easy targets who turn their backs on you, while others jump around like they're trying to force out a butt plug while shooting at you. As far as shooting, the game is extremely stingy with the amount of ammo you're able to pick up, sometimes giving you just enough to subdue your enemies, but not enough to shoot gaping glory holes into the interactive backgrounds.

Regardless of its glitches, faults and unfulfilling sexual promises, SexStation7 is a decent game with potential. It could definitely use a load of modifications and more than a few technical tweaks. More'erotic interaction with the ladies and much longer levels wouldn't hurt, either. With'a restructured format and a lot'more action,'there's a strong change that it would'eventually appeal to semi-hardcore gamers and hardcore animated pornophiles alike.

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