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Sexy Grandparents

Sexy Grandparents

Review date: 10-Sep-2018 08:38. A girl is staying with an elderly couple in their mansion, and the two fuck all over the place. Of course she ends up spending days playing with herself as the two crazy geezers get it on! Sexy Grandparents is a pretty damn unique site where heat grows exponentially with every second. You have never seen anything like this, and neither have we.

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Sexy Grandparents

Intro promises:
Sometimes a rare, unpredictable combination of great things feels just perfect. This is the case with Sexy Grandparents, actually. The site takes familiar ingredients and blends them all together into something totally new and delicious. The site does have a unique concept after all. Imagine there’s a hot teen girl staying at a big place belonging to an elderly couple who just don’t want to get old. What we mean is they fuck all over the place all day, and boy they got a lot of places to fuck. The house is enormous, it has a pool, well, a pretty big and fancy place, we should say. However big it is, the girl always ends up as a silent or not so silent witness to the couple’s escapades. She feasts her eyes and ears on the entire show, from the dirty talk to the cum fountains the geezer enjoys covering his lady’s ample rack with. Young and naughty as she is, she just cannot keep her fingers off her moist willing pussy when the old guys are doing it. And you get to see it all! This is real sexual pinball as the site’s tour pages put it, the heat bounces between the watching girl and the screwing old couple, and in the end gets really unbearable. The site has a brief yet quite informative tour zone, the main highlight of which is the preview video where the oversexed granny takes care of her meaty needy pussy – assisted by her lover, of course.

Sexy Grandparents surely is a special site. The concept seems narrow enough for the people behind it to treat it with due attention and perfection. At the same time, the idea is so unique and let’s face it, so damn sexy that you will have a hard time not beating your meat. The site was launched just recently, it’s seriously fresh out of the oven. Hence, it’s not like there are thousands of episodes here. Still you get to see a pretty nice collection for a start, and there’s every indication of its future growth. You can stream those movies right away from the site in high definition using the site’s native Flash based player. You can also download the movies, and the same can be done with the zipped photo sets, otherwise browsable as galleries. Every episode features a great deal of very intense and creative mature fucking, with the girl taking care of her pulsing pussy in the background. Well, not always in the background, of course. You will get your share of close-ups don’t worry. As this thing is pretty rare and unique, we can understand why it’s not like a megasite right now. Must be tough coming up with these plots and shooting the flicks. While you wait for them to add more, you can check out two bonus sites which are pretty legitimate independent sites actually – only that you get access to them in this package for free. One is a tube-like mature porn video site, and the other is closer to your traditional mature paysite.

Sexy Grandparents has a curious concept and a bunch of great videos – we can only wish they add more soon. The site keeps its quality level pretty high and also offers a mobile version of it all. So, owners of iPhones, Blackberries and the like, you can stay on the go while this crazy elderly couple gets it on leaving their hot teen guest with her hand elbow deep in her super horny pussy. Interesting stuff here, great quality, and modern enjoyable production as well. Give it a try, it’s not like there are dozens of similar sites out there!

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