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Sexy Gushers

Sexy Gushers

Review date: 23-Oct-2017 05:59. You came, you saw, you came again. That’s the goal of porn site design, near as I can tell. Sexy Gushers doesn’t require a lot of time or work to get to the good stuff, but what you expect and what you get may not be exactly the same thing.

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Sexy Gushers

Intro promises:
I cruised the site expecting relentless vaginal squirting, and while that surely exists here in all its flourish, it makes up only a fraction of the content. The first few videos I saw featured guys getting a face full of girl juice, usually after several minutes of foreplay, oral and intercourse. However, some of the videos never got to the gushing. When all was said and done, guys and girls alike had their fill of the fucking, but that was it. Where’s the juice?

If you came looking for a gusher fetish site, you may be a little disappointed. If you’re looking for an all-around good site for hard-core hetero screwing, there’s plenty to like here. While the site seems designed more as a hub for outsourced video and images, it all works well enough in the end and is organized and labeled clearly and logically. However, since the main page links to other pages to get its video, the speed of content retrieval varies quite a bit. I tried getting some of the larger videos at all times of day, on several different days, and they were always pretty slow to load up. Some never finished loading at all. The speed and accessibility can be problematic, but the volume of links and content available—if not all directly from Sexy Gushers - will sate your voyeuristic appetite for the short term. What’s here is definitely hot. The main site’s videos feature all hot Caucasian guys and gals (no racial diversity, no real porn stars or celebs) getting their fuck on in a variety of settings, mostly around the house, but sometimes venturing out pool-side or to the park. Some videos have a music track while others have only the grunts and moans of the featured couple to fill the sonic void. With the more excitable people, there’s no shortage of aural impact. The quieter lays, however, could have used some filler noise. Still images are of good resolution and show you just what you want to see, up close and personal. They’re lifted right out of the videos, though, so unless bandwidth is a problem, you’re probably better off just going for the clips and seeing it in motion. Instant access only costs $1, which makes it easy to overlook many of the minor issues that still need ironing out the site. Some video sequences seem to draw out much longer than they need to, but in a sense, this is giving you more bang for your buck. However, the access fee grows to almost $40/mo quickly, so the long-term appeal is limited. Who wants to pay $40/mo for slow downloads of amateur action? You can get more for less elsewhere.

As you get your fill of SexyGushers’ content, heading to the available external links bolsters the belief that this site was designed with a small hook (squirting) to reel you into a broader range of content. I can’t really fault them for that, and with the initial admission price of only a buck, it’s hard to feel cheated in any way. Sexy Gushers is worth a look, but it’s hard to say how long you’ll want to stick around.

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