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Sexy POV

Sexy POV

Review date: 3-Nov-2017 07:03. Sexy POV hits most of the right notes. It has competitive pricing, a range of formats, features, bonuses, and functionality that you demand from a modern porn site. So what if a few of the girls aren't that great looking, or that it's the same guy in virtually all the videos? Just hit the mute button on him and focus on the gals.

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Sexy POV

Intro promises:
First, consider that this site is one of many gateways to the Jerked network, meaning that buying in here gets you into 40 other bonus sites, no questions asked. The layout of each of these sites is basically the same, with relevant navigation links right at the top and content below.' Pretty hard to get lost.

All the content for a given scene is linked together on that scene's page. Pick a thumbnail from the main gallery and instantly have links to photos (where applicable), video screen captures, and a whole subsection on the different formats and resolutions of video to choose from. Included are Windows Media, MPEG, and MP4 for iPod and PSP users, not to mention the separate one-minute clips each video can be viewed in; not my cup of tea, but it's there if you want it.' Windows Media has the most options, ranging from tiny for those with lower bandwidth up to high definition that lives up to its name at 1280x720. Same goes for what I saw of the bonus sites. Pics come in two flavors: photos and video captures. The photos aren't available for every scene, but when they are, you can grab them via zip archives or one by one, at four different available resolutions, from modest up to sizes that won't fit on your screen. They also feature content not found in the video itself, mainly just posing and stripping, sometimes more. Video captures are just what they sound like, a frame-by-frame walkthrough of the video itself, generally at the same resolution as a medium/high-def video (720x539). A couple of the zip archives weren't linked correctly, but it's hardly a big problem overall. The videos themselves are generally pretty good, but can be somewhat a mixed bag at times.' The older ones don't stick strictly to the POV premise, bringing in another guy to hold the camera and circle around the action for the best vantage point. While this sometimes makes for a more entertaining shoot, it also strays from the theme of the site. That may not appease some.' Also, there's not a lot of imagination put into how things play out. Blowjob, doggie style, and then missionary covers the bulk of the videos, perhaps with a rearranged order.' A little more variety would have been nice, though I'm sure holding the camera while banging a hot chick can be tricky.

Vids also don't bother with any DRM or hassles for later, though the server will cap you at a limit of three concurrent downloads in any combination of zip archive and/or video downloads.' The site still functions with the cap in place, and I was getting a pretty fast download speed, so no worries there.' Just be aware. The price is right, the trial is nice, and the myriad bonus sites will give you plenty to do beyond the base content, which gets updated weekly.' It's worth a look for POV fanatics, and there's likely enough in the network for the rest of you as well.

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