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Sexy Slapstick Videos

Sexy Slapstick Videos

Review date: 14-Oct-2017 06:44. Getting a facial just took on a whole new meaning. The girls at Sexy Slapstick Videos are certainly enjoying dessert, and not in the traditional sense. The webmaster ' uh, rather piemaster ' has lined up a bevy of girls ready to get a literal pie in the face and these girls are all smiles.

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Sexy Slapstick Videos

Intro promises:
While checking this site out, I couldn't help recalling every crazy Laugh-In, Muppet Show or Brady Bunch episode where some unsuspecting clown gets a pie in the face. The twist here is that most of the girls are fully aware of what's coming, sitting in bras and panties with delicious expectation. Don't be misled ' Sexy Slapstick Videos is clearly not designed with the hardcore enthusiast in mind. The website's welcome page has a clear disclaimer: '[This site contains] scantily clad, clothed & nude women in tasteful photo sessions.' And the site really is tasteful, pardon the pun, cream pies being the weapon of choice. You won't find any graphic penetration or likeminded activity, but if Wet & Messy is your flavor, you won't go away unhappy.

Those who join ' and it's cheap to join, a real value - will find photo essays and downloadable video clips of solo and duo models like 'Desiree.' The girls here are all shapes and sizes, mostly under 30. The trend with the models seems to be longhaired beauties; I'm guessing the logic being 'more hair, more mess. Slamming these girls with pies is just the prelude to more serious play. All that cream and crust is worked over breasts, tummies and asses. Bras and panties are left on at times adding to the overall messiness. The girls take obvious delight in eating, licking and general smearing. I found the duos to be most rewarding; the action resembles a pillow fight taken to a new level. Ultimately, the giggling gives way to more erotic caresses, slippery fingers taking the goo to new places and tongues digging for the sweet.

The site design is very straightforward, no frills. I had some minor difficulties with the video archive; clips are meant to be downloaded, not clicked on for viewing. Thumbnails are not available in the video archive to help the surfer choose clips. Sexy Slapstick Videos doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. The site is amusing, and indeed sexy in an odd way. I'm sure girls sporting clown noses and dousing each other with seltzer water can't be far behind.

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