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Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts

Review date: 5-Sep-2012 05:19. For some porn producers, anal sex and hot curvy butts are just another thing out of many. For some, it’s a specialty, heck, a lifestyle. Seymore Butts shows what happens when you have a renowned porn director doing sexy butt and anal sex stuff and loving it. Adam Glasser is the name, and his new site Seymore Butts has more anal in HD than you may think! It’s all pretty awesome.

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Seymore Butts

Intro promises:
When somebody has a history of producing great porn which spans over not even years but decades, you know you’re in for something at least worth a bit of attention. With Seymore Butts, and especially if you like sexy pornstars with bubbly butts begging for a good insertion, it’s not just a bit of attention. We feel like we’re looking at weeks of very pleasurable self-abuse here! Thing is, Adam Glasser entered the smut-producing scene at some point in the 90s. You’d think he’d have some experience by now, right? His specialty is gorgeous young pornstars who can’t live without a thick one between their buns. So, if you’re into anal sex on film and also if you’re into all sorts of steamy anal play, Seymore Butts is a place to be. Essentially it’s a selection of the guy’s latest material, which, naturally, gets filmed in high definition and features all the latest porn starlets you may ever want to see. Booty lovers will appreciate that, and they will definitely appreciate the extremely low entrance fee, just ten bucks. But let’s not jump to that right now. Go admire the tour with delicious samples from Adam’s collection, there’s a video trailer, and it’s so hot and intense you’ll think your head will explode! But of course it won’t. At worst, you’ll get an aching boner, and to get rid of it, we advise you to get inside right now!

Ready for a bit of hardcore anal porn meltdown? Seymore Butts is ready to deliver; when there’s a guy with experience involved, you know it’s going to be good. Seymore Butts may be a site with a fun name, but it’s pretty serious when it comes to the actual content. We gotta say that Seymore Butts is a video only site, no pictures here. What can you do, it’s the guy’s specialty. With fresh American porn faces aged we think 18 to 30 or so, from mixed ethnic backgrounds, Seymore Butts has a strong focus on everything anal. Anal threesomes, anal barebacking, rimming, fingering, cumshots, outdoors anal, well, the guy surely has the creativity to turn browsing his site into a very satisfying experience. The videos can be streamed or downloaded, and with their 720p resolution, the video files are quite large. Having them is worth it for sure. This is original high definition content we’re talking about, and the guy definitely has experience, resources and hot porn sluts at his disposal. Plus, he does appreciate the beauty of a round butt getting boned, so if you share that vibe, you better hurry to check out this brand new site right now. The scenes play for almost 30 minutes, maybe around 25, to be more exact, and the site offers up to 150 of them. Of course, the updates are regular, the guy has been in porn for long enough to understand the importance of regular updates with even more hardcore anal porn in HD!

Seymore Butts is fun all the way. The models are having fun, and you can tell the guy behind the camera is having fun. Adam Glasser is back in the business, and his booty-splitting hardcore videos in high definition have never looked better – literally. For very creatively filmed videos with intense backdoor-porking porn, fresh US porn starlets and loads of fun involved, make sure you check out this hotspot of action. The videos are long, high resolution, and incredibly juicy – just like these butts are juicy! Not just juicy, but begging for some juicy beef as well – see it all now!

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