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Review date: 29-Oct-2017 05:32. What is it exactly that we find so appealing about straight men? Is it simply the thrill of the chase or does it have something to do with conquest? Is there a certain quality of masculinity that drives us to distraction or does it have more to do with the exquisite pain of lusting after the (allegedly) unattainable objects of our collective affections?

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Intro promises:
Regardless, the dynamic of gay lust for straight men is definitely not a new concept, but producer/director Jake Cruise takes the whole gay-for-pay question to new philosophical heights with Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. Is it gay porn? Is it straight porn? Yes, yes, and no'. The theory behind this site is that gay men watching a straight man doing what he loves best will be more arousing than the more typical formula of solo straight guy stroking himself to climax on a nasty couch in front of a TV looping straight porn somewhere off camera. And this theory does prove itself, to a certain extent, after a necessary period of acclimation to the concepts working behind Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. The women, as accommodating and deferential as they are to the director, are serious distractions in a site dedicated to gay men and their sexual fantasies! With that said, the camera definitely focuses on the assets of each of the men by highlighting the pleasure that he is receiving from the (mostly clothed) female in bed with him. (At first, this may not be blatantly obvious.) There are plenty of shots of his ass and great attention paid to his hard cock in each of the sequences featured on SG4GE and the actual fucking is executed in such a way that it rarely fully obscures his tool. For example, each man takes such shallow strokes in and out of his partner's pussy that the sexual act unfolding across the screen comes to resemble something like conjugal hyperventilation. It is these types of directorial decisions that make this a bit different than straight-up straight porn. ('Note: This is straight porn made for gay men! No condoms used.')

Straight Guys for Gay Eyes requires a broadband connection. It actually states this, quite explicitly on the membership page: 'Do not sign up if you have a dial-up connection!' (Clearly, it is much better to know this before you fire up the 56k modem and tie up the phone line for days trying to view the large Windows Media Player or QuickTime video files.) $29.95 buys a 30-day one-time membership although there are other pricing options for recurring membership and various payment methods. Individual movies can also be rented for three days at a time and DVDs can be purchased directly from the SG4GE site. A new, full-length movie is added to the site every Friday. Each man on Straight Guys for Gay Eyes gets his own page and these pages are chock full of information about the man, his tool, and the viewing options available to members. Jeremy Holmes, for example, is 5'9' tall, 170 pounds, has an 8.5' dick, and is a 30-year-old Aries with brilliant blue eyes. His personal, self-reported sexual fantasy is 'a threeway with two hot older women.' His 35-minute romp with a saucy dirty blonde can be downloaded, by PC users only, in Windows Media Format for later viewing (rather than streaming it and being dependent on the ups and downs of bandwidth). These videos can then be viewed at twice the normal size of the Media Player window or be experienced in full-screen glory (hypothetically, for members with big libidos, but bad eyesight). Members with a Mac (as well as a PC) can also stream Jeremy's session via QuickTime or either type of user could, potentially, bypass all of these system requirements and order the DVD for $24.95.

I have to admit that I kept waiting (hoping?) for one of the lovely ladies to strap something on in order to ride one of the muscular men on SG4GE, but it didn't happen. Please Also Note: If you live with your significant other/partner/boyfriend/husband and are caught in front of Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, you might have some exsplainin' to do. (At least, initially.)

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