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Shannyn XO

Shannyn XO

Review date: 25-Feb-2015 12:18. Shannyn XO is this blonde American babe who looks so damn gorgeous in high definition erotic videos and especially in these super teasing live shows she has regularly. Her eponymous site is your key to the Shannyn world with tons of high-class photography, topless videos in full high definition, content with her girlfriends, and much more. Let’s explore this blonde erotica paradise!

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Shannyn XO

Intro promises:
Young busty American blondes, is there a straight man out there who is not into them? We guess not. If you thought you knew all American pornstars, live show girls and centerfold babes, well, we also feel like it’s not entirely true. How about Shannyn XO over here? This fair-haired doll is a total princess. A model, a live cam girl, and now, the owner of her very own personal site, that’s who he is. Shannyn has been teasing men for a long time now – and looks like it’s not getting any easier for you guys out there. This tall curvy young babe now has a site completely dedicated to her escapades. We guess Shannyn feels you didn’t get enough tease with her live shows. But don’t worry, her all-new personal site does have live sexy shows as well. Not just with her, but with her girlfriends as well. Feast your eyes on this glamorous free area here. Shannyn XO is a modern site, very well put together, offering many hours of delight to both fans of sexy Shannyn and those who are yet to become her fans. Let’s have a closer look at this masterpiece of softcore erotica together. The tour area answers pretty much all the questions you may have about the site before you get to the page where you sign up. That’s great! Looks like sweet Shannyn really wants you in her online boudoir.

Shannyn calls her site her personal playground, and we feel like it is a pretty accurate description of what’s going on here. This beauty is mostly famous for her sexy live shows, but here at Shannyn XO she shows she is a pretty awesome model when it comes to shooting high grade erotic pictures and videos as well. First thing to say, Shannyn XO is not really a porn site in the classic meaning of the world. The content is quite softcore in its nature. It’s more about teasing and stimulating your imagination than about showing and doing things. Nothing wrong with that, actually. Shannyn has a terrific camera presence, and she’s very versatile. Whether a seductress in a foamy tub or a naughty playful lumberjack, she’s always a total delight to look at. Shannyn XO is all about high content standards. Photos come in 2,400px resolution, very well taken and processed, and you just want to use each and every one of them as a wallpaper for something you got, like a phone, a tablet, or maybe a laptop. The videos come in full HD, and they are just nothing short of kickass. Shannyn XO also has live shows, both actual live shows scheduled for certain days as well as archived shows from earlier. It’s a great opportunity to see what Shannyn XO is all really about – and her girlfriends as well. Well done, Shannyn!

Shannyn XO is a brand new site of this all-American hottie called Shannyn XO. She has the body and the face and the model talent to make it big, and you can become a part of that. Watch her run her sexy live shows, pose in photos and videos, and just generally be awesome. Shannyn XO is full of original HD content that is available to you without any limits. See Shannyn XO now!

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