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Shaving Teens

Shaving Teens

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:09. Naked pussy in all its bald glory is the story of Shaving Teens, and young babes whipping out the soap and Barbasol, foaming up and wielding sharp razors to clip their carpets smooth as silk is the dominating motif of the photo galleries and video feeds on this hot site. Enjoy shots of mouthwatering, comely young ladies shaving themselves silly and then rubbing their denuded pubes to orgasmic ecstasy.

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Shaving Teens

Intro promises:
They shave it in the bath, the park, at home, in the shower and on the job, and from this site you’d think having any public hair at all had been declared illegal by the Department of Justice. What a far cry from the halcyon days of the 60’s when pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair and even a moustache were the potent signifiers of a sexually liberated woman!

There are great photo galleries of girls in the act of cutting down unsightly vulvic forests, and those who have already done the deed and are on to playing with their naked pie, or having it penetrated by stiff stuff, whether plastic or of the more human variety. Check out Roxanne, Tanya, Ember, Sky and the utterly beautiful Russian model Rushka, who has “absolutely no bush,” a notion we can all get behind. Video on Demand includes a Shaving Cam, Soapy Tits (always a personal favorite), PussyCam and Pantyhose Paradise.

All in all, Shaving Teens is a smooth, clean ride for those who appreciate the joys of nubile cuties and naked beave.

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