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She Got Conned

She Got Conned

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 08:11. What exactly is so exciting about the façade of tricking a supposedly unsuspecting girl into lewd and lascivious behavior? Whatever it is, it runs amuck in the porn world, turning up again here at She Got Conned, where the producers find it their duty to tame hostile wenches by cumming in their faces and whatnot. After all, as they say, “hostile pussy’s the best pussy.”

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She Got Conned

Intro promises:
Unfortunately for the folks at She Got Conned, it’s a routine that’s been done a hundred times on other sites — and most of them have done it better. Watching a video here is excruciating — first, you must watch clip by clip, where each clip is about a nanosecond long. You’re constantly having to click on “next movie” and wait while it loads; then, at least on my browser, Windows Media Player opens a new window while the clip plays in the original window, thus playing the same footage side by side with about a two-second delay. Headache! It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t constantly starting new clips and having to close the extra window over and over.

Second, the camerawork is jerky, disorganized and nauseating. It’s like dad’s home movies back when the video camera was newfangled technology: “Marge, how the hell do you work this thing?” Shot of the floor, shot of the sky, shake shake shake. Third, the actual content is ridiculous. The movies tend to start with a lot of idle chitchat between the cameraman and the star(s). Yawn. They discuss how they’re going to con some girl today; for instance, in one movie they dress the star up as a mime, makeup and all, and he goes out on the street and blocks a girl’s path. She unconvincingly pushes him to the ground, and a fight ensues, which naturally leads to her and the mime getting it on. It’s all horribly staged and poorly acted, and though the sex itself is just fine, getting past all the nonsense is hardly worth the trouble.

Navigation is also a hassle here, as you often find yourself somewhere you can’t get back from. The girls are generally more skanky than attractive, and the written text on the site is full of remedial spelling errors. Moreover, one of the usual benefits of a membership to an adult site is that you don’t get walloped with a gaggle of pop-up ads, but I was disgruntled to find that here that is not the case. In fact, I had constant trouble with this site crashing Explorer, and I reckon them ads were to blame.

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