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Shop Lyfter

Shop Lyfter

Review date: 24-Nov-2016 09:48. What’s an appropriate punishment for a female teenage shoplifter? Maybe a stiff cock of an older man up all her holes? Well, that’s not bad for sure, but maybe she’ll like it so much she’ll end up stealing again? Check out Shoplyfter to find out what happens to cute teenage delinquents who face their greatest threat, the security officer. Tons of original hardcore videos!

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Shop Lyfter

Intro promises:
It’s a rough and tough world out there. People do all kinds of things to survive. Sometimes young girls just get hungry, and there’s nowhere they can turn for help. This is how crime is born, in particular, shoplifting. The merchandise just seems to be there, so they just take it and try to leave. Whether it’s for personal use or for further reselling, the plan seems to be simple. But what if it doesn’t work? This does not occur to the silly (yet young and cute) criminals. Shoplyfter is a brand new site that shows you what happens when a teenage girl or even a small gang of teenage girls tries to take things they should not be taking — and things go wrong. Or essentially right? This security officer takes them to the interrogation room. The girls are willing to do literally anything to get out of trouble. The guy’s job is to make sure the girls never steal again. His methods are unorthodox, he interrogates the girls, gets them naked, explores their deliciously firm young bodies — and plows them silly. Right there in the back room of the store. Shoplyfter is a brand new site we just found out about, yet another example of how an interesting and unusual idea can breathe new life into the hardcore porn we have spent years watching (literally). Let’s take a closer look at this one.

To be totally honest, we are not super crazy about the tour. Sure, we get it. It has to look dark and menacing and evoke emotions similar to those a thriller movie makes you experience. But would it kill them to put a few video trailers in there? Anyway, we ended up getting an account because the girls did look hot and cute, and the concept is quite original, we gotta give the guys that. The member area follows the design direction of the tour, it’s simple-looking and kinda dark. There are quite a few episodes, looks like they did their homework. After all, it’s a very new site. The concept is always the same, but we like how varied this whole thing is. Two shoplifting girls and one officer? Yes. The other way around, a girl and two older men in uniforms? Sure. Any combination, really. The HD videos look super crisp, and they really do the appearance of the girls plenty of justice. It’s like you were in the same room with everybody! It’s all very emotional here, the girls are pleading, then they end up being horny as hell, just asking for more punishment with the guys’ thick meat batons. The camera travels all around this small tiny room, giving you plenty of good angles and tons of viewing pleasure. We recommend Shoplyfter to anyone looking for a fresh teen porn thing to check out.

Check out Shoplyfter for very original videos featuring cute teenage shoplifters and security officers willing to make sure the girls learn their lesson. It’s your good old older men, younger girls porn thing, but with lots of stuff on top of it! Check out the original high definition videos available for streaming and unlimited downloads and find out what happens when young sexy brats do what they are not supposed to do!

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