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Sienna Sinclaire

Sienna Sinclaire

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 07:49. As an original and unique change of pace from increasingly clich'-stuffed hardcore collections, Sienna Sinclaire offers a pair of identically designed sites ('Glamour' and Fetish') showcasing the contrasting sexual personalities of one erotically knowledgeable and fine-looking lady.

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Sienna Sinclaire

Intro promises:
Appearing almost as two separate people, Ms. Sinclaire presents a detailed celebration of the art of the classic burlesque-style striptease, while simultaneously exploring the darker elements of BDSM and fetish play. Captured in clearly labeled and easily accessible photo and video galleries, members are left to their own devices with plenty to explore, as their hostess is welcoming and more than willing to educate and titillate.'

Classy instead of crude, several large sections offer high-quality thumbnailed shots of Sienna glamour'posing, playing dress-up half-dressed in an array of costumes and clothing spanning vintage pin-up girl getups, titty-tassled showgirls and all sorts of femme fatales,'as Mistress Sienna channels a latex chained, dungeon-dwelling dom wielding whips and candle wax. Belly dancers, naughty maids, cutesy cowgirls, powdered wig-wearing Victorian broads and candid Kodak moments, all make cameo appearances besides your more playboy-style nude and semi-nude layouts that are stamped with a creative style that remains consistent throughout both pages. An extensive history of burlesque appears on Glamour'which includes a general encyclopedic overview that leads into a photo timeline recognizing the art form's most popular performers. A slew of info on books, how-to videos, dance lessons, clothing and events is link-listed,'while state-by-state listings where one can see live, regularly performed'performances has also been conveniently included. Links to sites like SuicideGirls and where to buy Bettie Page bondage'videos are mirrored on this area of Fetish. With additional registration, members can partake in one of two live cams, or easily pull back the curtains of the theatres'in which'they'll find Windows Media-formatted clips of a live and high-kicking Sienna stripping out of one of her costumes; recreating vintage photo shoots from the 20s in authentic B&W; putting on fetish exhibitions that are intended to be teaching aides; touching herself with toys; and, appearing in your basic behind-the-scenes tits and pieces. I can't really say that these are as much of a highlight as they should be, as mostly all of them are glitchy and appear in small screens. You should at least give them a go if you're looking for the full Sienna experience though.

Updated regularly, Glamour and Fetish are rounded out by a selection of written stories and a few other goodies, including postcards, wallpapers and a message board of naughty'member 'confessions.' Bookending each other as a'buy-one-get-a-discount-on-the-other (it took me this whole review to realize that this wasn't a 2-for-1 deal) compilation, both pages of Sienna Sinclaire star a woman, who while well versed in erotic history, also'has a real'knack for creating entertaining and enticing material adapted from the always popular, classic and eye-catching'adult entertainment that today's indistinguishable'tits and asses just can't be stacked up against.

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