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Sissy Discipline

Sissy Discipline

Review date: 25-May-2013 10:27. There is a kinky, darker side to some girls out there. They just make you want be their sissy boy! Sissy Discipline is a new site in the Twisted Female network that covers a range of sissification fantasies in a very special way. If you don’t know yet what’s special about them Twisted Females sites, we envy you. Check this out, an amazing fetish erotica discovery is ahead, read on!

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Sissy Discipline

Intro promises:
Feminization, or sissification is a powerful and popular practice that a lot of men out there are obsessed about – or at least don’t mind trying. If you have been trying to satisfy your needs for sissification-themed erotica online, you probably know it’s not that easy. You don’t want to get stuck with some bizarre stuff filmed in dungeons with gaudy ‘mistresses’ wearing outfits from sex comedies. You want something more satisfying and authentic, don’t you. Well, here’s the deal. For us, nothing rocks more these days in fetish erotica than Twisted Females. It’s a network with a whole bunch of special kinky sites in it. Sissy Discipline is one of the newer ones, covering all sorts of sexy feminization, from milder cross-dressing all the way to openly homoerotic things. What’s special, you ask? The very way it covers these things, that’s what! Just like other Twisted Females endeavors, Sissy Discipline has videos all of which are filmed in this special way. It’s kinda POV, you face the Mistress on the other end, or Mistresses, and they talk to you (dirty, of course), give you orders, describe what you should do or what a whimpering piece of crap you are. Also, they’re more or less your everyday girls – beautiful, of course, fun, radiant, and real. But not a caricature of what outsiders think a dominatrix looks like. You know what we mean? Check the tour right here at Sissy Discipline, we promise you this site will do the trick for you.

So, you like sexy, powerful females telling you to do things which sort of turn you into a guilty dirty little girl? Enjoy playing a little dress-up, perhaps? Sissy Discipline is a place that lets you explore your related fantasies in a way which is amazingly powerful for a website. How do they achieve this? You will need to try all these videos inside Sissy Discipline yourself. It’s not that we don’t want to describe them, it’s just that they are very special, and they create this intimate chemistry between you and the Mistress, and you end up using your imagination a lot. So pretty hard to offer a universal description here. All Sissy Discipline videos involve one or several girls talking to you and telling you to do things and wearing sexy outfits. Listen closely, they’re in the mood to turn you into their sissy, and you better not miss a word. You can go for different categories that cover different kinds of humiliation and sissification – or just browse the archive video by video. They’re gonna tell you how ridiculous you look in your male clothes and how a dirty little slut like you should just wear heels and do other things. Not your average porn site experience for sure. You may need even more privacy when you will be watching these! The videos come in very decent HD quality. You can get either WMV or MP4 files for high definition, or go for lower quality. There are even 3GP files available for your mobile. And hey, if you didn’t have enough humiliation, there are 10+ Twisted Females sites all available under the same account!

Sissy Discipline is a breakthrough in feminization and sissification erotica. At least that’s the way we felt about the site. With dozens of very special HD videos filmed POV style with talented Mistresses in there with a great camera presence, Sissy Discipline is quite a place to explore. Discover what’s coolest in fetish and femdom porn right now. It’s Twisted Females and all their awesome sites! Sissy Discipline is one of them, and it’s a great find for anyone who ever wanted to be feminized at his powerful Domme’s request. Lots of special pleasure and chemistry in here!

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