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Sleep Assault

Sleep Assault

Review date: 9-Feb-2017 07:39. The only thing better than a good wet dream is a good fuck that happens while you're having that wet dream. Sleep Assault has bunches of hot teen girls getting fucked through every hole they've got, getting covered in cum, and getting the best poking they've ever had...and they all sleep right through it! Slumber parties don't have this kind of action, no matter how many pillow fights there are!

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Sleep Assault

Intro promises:
Every episode of a naughty fuck during a nice nap is laid out for you, so there's no way to miss what goes down unless you fall asleep yourself. Trust me, though, this site won't put you to sleep unless you're fantasizing the same thing happening to you. Nine more exclusive sites come along with membership, extremely hot live cam shows, a dvd store, a new forum for members, and five favorite sites just as hot as Sleep Assault! After a hard day's work, it's time to lay head to pillow and...fuck? That's what goes down on this site. Incredibly hot sluts can't even close their eyes without some stud shoving a big cock between their legs! And the chicks don't wake up to stop them, either! Mr. Sandman isn't bringing a dream tonight. He's only bringing a huge, leaking dick from out of his pants and leaving a puddle of jizz for the lucky babe to get banged!

Some men are suckers for a girl's eyes, her personality, and most of all, her body. But you can't get to her personality or her eyes when she's asleep. All that's left is the body, and a hard cock doesn't need cunt to be awake in order to pound it. The wet pussies on this site don't need to awake to take a good fucking, either! Chicks like Megan, Vilicity, Poppy, and Caitlyn open up their legs, eyes closed tight, and they're still as sexy as a bouncy whore who isn't asleep! Digital cameras couldn't capture these kind of pics! Get high resolution shots of puffy pink holes getting caressed by big masculine hands, right before they get dug into by monster penises! Each episode has its own set of photos, showing snoozing sluts being taken over by the pussy prowlers! Not only do these girls get fucked in their sleep, they want it to happen! They fantasize about a relentless stud fucking their defenseless holes and creaming all over them. Phoenix always wanted a dude to dick her in her sleep, and now she has a friend who's going to give it to her good! When Phoenix spreads her nakedness while she's asleep, any guy would do her, and this hunk touches her all over until he can't take it anymore. He finally just mounts her and crushes the tiny hole between her thighs. By the time she wakes up, he's all done and there's just a bunch of manseed on her tummy! Carly is so lucky all she has to do is think about having great sex in her sleep and she gets a muscular stallion to put his horsecock in her stable. She's already had a huge orgasm, and still she gets to have another one, or give another one while she's asleep! She doesn't sleep all the way through it, but she fucks back as hard as she can when she wakes up and finds the dude inside her! Don't forget to log onto the bonus sites that come with Sleep Assault. Cummy Pantyhose, Creamed Feet, and PVC & Latex are here for all you fetish freaks who can't get enough of that strange sex! Use My Daughter and Penetration Tease have all the hardcore slamming anybody could take, while Hot Shemale Sluts has something for people who like a little bit of both worlds in a fuck buddy.

Sleep Assault will make you wish you had an endless supply of sleeping pills! The orgasms would never stop! With this site, you don't watch chicks watch them get fucked when they least expect it but most want it, and you'll cum through every waking moment of it!

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