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Sleep Creep

Sleep Creep

Review date: 24-Jul-2016 14:02. Have you ever seen a chick fast asleep and thought about fucking her? Well, on Sleep Creep, these perverts find chicks sleeping away, and enjoy sneaking up on them and sticking their cocks in their mouths, rubbing them on their faces, and blowing their loads of cum all over their sleepy faces! The girls even get their pussies filled with the creep's fat cock.

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Sleep Creep

Intro promises:
What a rude awakening to get jizzed on the face after being in a deep sleep! Some of these sluts are ready for fucking even half asleep, and others would slap or punch the shit out of you. Often times, it is not worth risking the physical harm just to creep up on them. Some women dream about cock, and if you look closely at her smile, you can tell when she is thinking about getting pounded. If you touch her pussy and feel that it is nice and moist, then she is ready for some hot sex. The cool thing about joining Sleep Creep is that you actually gain access to 20 sites in total. This includes sites like 18 Years Old, Cock Competition, Deepthroat Love, and Pimp Parade. There are many more, but you get the idea - there are several different niches to check out.

In the members area, they make it easy for you to check out all kinds of different videos and pictures. You get these links at the tops of the pages that take you to different areas of the site such as the home page of the members area, a Search page that lets you search for different content using keywords and you can also click links to view Top Rated/Most Popular, a Sites page that has thumbnails and links to all the sites you have access to, My Favorites which shows you favorites that you have saved, Live Cams which lets you check out real live girls on webcams, and a Get Laid page that takes you to adult friend finder. Images can be downloaded in a zip file, and that goes for both the types of galleries that you get - high res and video captures. The high res images are digital stills, and the video captures are just captured frames from the video. The high res ones are the best to look at, and for both types, they enlarge to a size of 850x850 pixels. There is a great set of this hot blonde slut who is fast asleep. She had gotten drunk the night before, so she is out cold, in a deep sleep. Her guy friend sees her asleep on the couch and cannot resist the urge to check out what kind of panties she is wearing under her short skirt. So he uncovers her and lifts up her skirt and shows the camera an upskirt shot of her white panties that are barely covering her tight little pussy. He admires her body for a minute, knowing that any minute she could wake up and smack the shit out of him for being such a perverted guy. Well, he whips his cock out and lightly touches her face with it and jerks off a little while he looks at her sexy body. She kinda wakes up and notices that it's just her friend, who she has wanted to fuck for a long time anyway! He lucks out and she doesn't fight back. She lets him stick his cock in her pussy and bang the fuck out of her. She wakes up after that pussy reaming! The movies are available for download in a few different formats, including high def WMV and MPG, iPod, DVD/CD, iPhone, and Xbox. You can stream the movie in an embedded flash video or you can download the videos. Most videos last around 30 minutes or so and the shorter partial length ones are about 3 mins each. The quality is excellent in all of the movies across all sites in the network.

I give this site two thumbs up! The quality is amazing, and I loved the theme and idea behind the site. Plus when you join this site, you gain access to a shitload of other ones - there are 20 total!

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