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Sleep Invasion

Sleep Invasion

Review date: 26-Jul-2017 06:09. The Sleep Invasion girls respond quite surprisingly on the occasions they discover they have been pleasured while they slept. But if you've ever fantasized about having sex with a sleeping girl, then Sleep Invasion is worth a look. The premise of Sleep Invasion movies tends to not change very much.

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Sleep Invasion

Intro promises:
The Sleeping Invasion models are extremely good looking, and you can hardly blame the guys for not wanting to wait until they wake up. Generally, it involves a Sleep Invasion guy who slips into the bed of a girlfriend and then takes advantage of their being out of it. The guy fondles and licks the tits of the Sleeping Invasion girl, then plays with her pussy, slipping a finger or a tongue inside. The Sleep Invasion videos do not go so far as all-out fucking, but some come fairly close. The Sleep Invasion movies almost have a hidden camera feel, which gives the Sleep Invasion videos a feeling of authenticity.

The design of the Sleep Invasion site is well considered and executed, with no problems to be found. The twenty or so Sleep Invasion movies available as of this writing are laid out clearly, and clicking on the thumbnails opens up the directory featuring the video. The video episodes of Sleep Invasion generally look good in full screen mode, though the lighting is not all it could be. These Sleep Invasion movies last around fifteen minutes each, and can be downloaded in segments or as whole Sleep Invasion movies. The Sleep Invasion movies are available in Windows Media format only, and unfortunately their number is rather low at present. Hopefully, updates to Sleep Invasion will remedy this negative. Each Sleep Invasion movie is accompanied by a gallery of video captures, which are generally of good quality, though kind of on the small side. The quality of these Sleep Invasion pictures is of the good amateur variety, well-shot and lit. You can tell that the gals in the Sleep Invasion hardcore content, despite being the ones used, are maybe not as entirely asleep as they initially appeared to be. Bonus material on Sleep Invasion includes thirteen more sites, including Angels with Dildos, CFNM Idol, Security Cam Sex, and CFNM Idol. So long as your tastes extend beyond seeing sleeping girls get played with by sex-crazed guys, the bonus stuff on Sleep Invasion will help justify the monthly price of the Sleep Invasion material.

Sleep Invasion can be had for the regular recurring monthly cost of $29.95. A bit on the pricey side, but if you like seeing girls getting pleasured while they sleep, you'll find Sleep Invasion well worth some dream time.

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