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Sleep Surprise

Sleep Surprise

Review date: 3-Mar-2017 05:58. Here’s the situation. She’s asleep (your wife, girlfriend, flat mate, whatever), but you’ve got a boner that won’t take “I’m lifeless” for an answer. What do you do? Options: A. Forget about it, it’s way too risky; B. Shove your dick in her mouth and hope she doesn’t bite it off; C. Shove your dick in her snatch--no teeth; or D. Gently uncover her ass and jerk-off to it at a safe distance.

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Sleep Surprise

Intro promises:
Most men would pick option A, most men being complete pussies (myself included). Sleep Surprise, the website, features the kind of man who goes for it. Sure it’s totally fake (has to be), but it doesn’t make this action any less amusing. We’re talking about playacting a fantasy here, so who cares if these girls are merely playing dead. If the above wasn’t the case, there is a word that would perfectly describe the situation of jamming your cock in an unconscious babe’s ass. But let’s not go there. So the “Sleep Surprise” is not so much of a “surprise” to the girls in question. It still makes for a pretty novel theme though. And more good news, the Rip Van Winkle vixens are all hotties, every last deep-sleeping one of them. Furthermore, you really have to hand it to these ladies; I can’t imagine it being easy to lay still while some perve dude blasts nuts on your ass, mouth, and/or beak, not to mention running you through with a ten inch mushroom pipe.

Currently Sleep Surprise features 34 picture galleries and the same number of videos to choose from. The movies average 15 minutes in length and can be streamed and/or downloaded in clips or as a full length scene. There are three different resolutions to select from, Low, High, and Full. The Full is quite impressive but looks best in a medium-large to large sized window. Members get access to the following nine Pack of Porn websites: My Sex Kittens, Rimbledon, Creamed on Glasses, Holey Fuck, Anal Slurp, Anal Stretched, Spunky Teens, Young Busty, and Seventeen Live. Notice any trends here? The content is exclusive and well made. If you’re looking for real scenes of consensual comatose buggery (if such a thing even exists), you won’t find them here. Not a single one of these girls are asleep, merely laying still with eyes closed. But hey, that’s pretty cool too. More niche specific updates are needed. The 34 episodes currently available do not warrant patronage if you’re only after sleeping beauties.

Sleep Surprise is nice site with decent content. That being said, there’s maybe a month’s worth of sleep themed spankable material here. The bonus sites, however, make up for this content vacuum. All the bonus sites are decent destinations, especially if you enjoy smokin’ teen fare.

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