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SMC Network

SMC Network

Review date: 2-Oct-2011 09:05. You like tranny porn, you like creativity and great quality, and you like package deals. Well, sounds like you will like SMC Network! This hub for hot and gorgeous tranny porn is your all-new one-stop place for combined content of 8 high grade XXX tranny sites. Wait till you see them, the sites are totally great even by themselves. One of the best offers ever!

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SMC Network

Intro promises:
Now you would imagine we being in the business of reviewing adult entertainment sites have seen our share of package deals, network sites and discounts. These things are widely available on the today’s market. But what do you know, sometimes we’re so impressed by a thing of this sort as if it’s the first time we see one. We go like woah, feeling like a kid in a fancy candy store. SMC Network here sort of made us feel that way. It’s a network with tranny porn sites and well, how about that, we have a feeling tranny porn can barely get any better. Why? This is a hub with 8 exclusive tranny sites in it, and each of them is exclusive, special and absolutely hot. Now the hub site here lets us find out all we may want to know about this transsexual porn awesomeness. Oh and it’s not just about recorded content, they also offer live cam tranny sex shows – how about that? Anyway, back to the sites. The range of sites currently includes such gems as TGirl Pinups (look for our review of it), Latina Tranny, Interracial TGirl Sex, Sex Change Girl (for post-op fans), Wendy Willams XXX, the one and only officlal site for this juicy tranny bombshell, and a choice of other tranny porn sites which all offer content of the same level. The level is terrific! Let’s see what they got for us so far.

Golly, where do we begin with all this? SMC Network is a hub for 8 tranny sites, and it means you can access all the updates inside all of them in one unified member area. It’s huge! There are over 1,500 video updates and more than 3,500 picture sets. So much for the numbers, and pretty impressive here, huh? You can browse the updates chronologically or go for the ones which were top rated first. Hell, we want all of these updates to be top rated! A video update will play nicely in the site’s streaming player, or you can grab the HD no-DRM videos and store them forever. You will need a lot of hard drive space for all this goodness, we’re telling you. But hey, streaming is a reasonable and enjoyable choice with today’s connection speeds. You can also aim for the model catalog and see all the stunning tranny hotties in all their hot, hard, hung glory. Some sites offer trannies and guys fucking in various combinations while other sites are more special. TGirl Pinups is a total killer with its models in pinup era outfits and hardcore tranny sex in matching locations. Personal sites for celebrated tranny scene performers also offer tons of great material. And don’t forget the live shows. Well, this is pretty much the only site you need to join if you are into tranny porn!

SMC Network is definitely among the best choices you can make in today’s tranny porn scene. The hub brings together video-based sites as well as personal sites of the performers and some narrower niche sites as well. There’s shemale sex content to every taste, and this is no marketing buzz. Don’t miss it if you are into hung girls do all sorts of naughty things with their appendages. It comes in great quality, quantity and variety, so don’t waste time. Register today!

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