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Smoke City

Smoke City

Review date: 14-Sep-2015 21:05. A site that has been bringing the beauty of sexy amateur teens enjoying a cigarette or a cigar to your screen for years? It’s Smoke City, and it has been around for over a decade (wow). Now they have tons of new material and a new update schedule with 2 videos and 2 picture sets each and every week. Gorgeous teens in lingerie, smoking like the bad beautiful girls they are, oh wow!

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Smoke City

Intro promises:
If you have a weak spot for young naturally sexy girls puffing away at a cigarette, today is your lucky day. With all the variety of today’s online entertainment, it’s usually pretty hard to say you need just one site to satisfy your needs to see this one particular thing. But with Smoke City, it is exactly this way. The site is a very comprehensive experience, covering fetishism-inspired photo and video shoots as well as hardcore smoking sex, smoking masturbation, and other naughtier, more blood-boiling things. We usually review new sites that have just been released to the public – or even sites that are so new they haven’t been released yet at all. With Smoke City, it’s a bit different. Quite different, as a matter of fact. The site has been online for over a decade. These days, it is better than ever, introducing plenty of new girls and an update schedule that will leave you completely satisfied and drained. Two videos and two photo sets each and every week, this is the new Smoke City schedule. But as long as you have never heard of the place, give the tour a close look. It is one of the most detailed, comprehensive, and loyalty-building tours you will ever see. Countless photo samples, a preview of the model catalog, free video trailers and plenty of site details. This is how Smoke City rolls. It is a very serious site focusing on a very beautiful thing. Whatever you may want to see that involves sexy teens puffing away, Smoke City has it. Tight pantyhose, cute panties, pussy smoking, multiple drags, getting fucked while smoking, you name it. Let’s get inside, looks like it can be quite an adventure here.

It has never been a better time to be a smoking fetishist looking to see hot teen girls exploring their sexuality and sensuality through posing with a cigarette. Or a cigar, for that matter. Smoke City has plenty of footage, both photo and video, and the amounts are truly staggering. They do stick to their update schedule of two items of each kind a week. With such a frequency, will they be able to keep the quality bar high enough? When it’s Smoke City you are talking about, it’s not even a valid question. Their photo sets are especially spectacular. The lighting, the outfits the girls are wearing, everything is complete and utter eye candy. The videos provide a different take on the whole thing, offering you plenty of dynamics and some of the kinkiest and most satisfying smoking sex you could ever imagine. They have tens of models for pretty much any taste. Crazy badass girls, cute innocent blondes, tall and busty or petite, you got it all. The drags, the inhaling, the clouds of smoke, everything is captured with stunning precision and attention to detail. Whether you want something more refined (think stockings and even furs), or things on the filthier side, with pussy smoking (yes), smoking masturbation, and hardcore sex, Smoke City keeps things very interesting. Your membership comes with free unlimited access to other sites most of which are solo sites of teen girls who are into a fetish thing of some sort. Putting things simple, we are blown away.

Smoke City is quite an experience. Providing a previously unavailable level of quality and attention to just about any possible detail, the producers go from sensual to outright kinky and dirty and back. Keeping you excited and begging for more! Smoke City has some of the most talented teen performers who truly enjoy smoking while naked, posing, and having sex. This is the only site you need if bad young girls taking drag after drag looking you straight into the eyes are your turn on. You have no choice other than try Smoke City right now!

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