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Smokin HD

Smokin HD

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 08:07. How do you rate something that isn't quite good, but isn't quite bad at the same time? The word that comes to my mind is mediocre and that, in one word, is pretty much what Smokin HD boils down to. In a field of Internet porn sites that include original, specific content and huge digital libraries of gigs and gigs of movies, Smokin HD just doesn't add up.

  • Content quality
     of 25
    15.8 of 25
  • Content quantity
     of 25
    15.8 of 25
  • Design and usability
     of 20
    13.0 of 20
  • Originality
     of 10
    6.1 of 10
  • Reviewer's rating
     of 20
    12.8 of 20

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Smokin HD

Intro promises:
For the price of admission, you get a DVD a week and 26 DVDs already included in their collection. Not bad at all, but when I think of some of the many other sites I've reviewed that contain many of the same girls and same scenes, that have four and five times the content, Smokin HD just doesn't stack up.

But now that I've told you the reasons why it's not a good site, let me tell you why it's not a bad site. Though the content and the variety aren't up to snuff, the DVDs they do have are of top quality produced by some of the best in the business, including Zero Tolerance, Jill Kelly and Puritan Magazine. Not only that, but they have some of my favorite girls on Smokin HD including Mason Storm, Lauren Phoenix, Bella Marie and Monica Sweetheart, and most of the action is searing hot. Should you decide to register for Smokin HD, the first scene you must check out is the first scene in "Double Decker Sandwich" with Bella Marie, Jon Dough and some other girl, not too sure of her name. In any event, both girls give remarkable performances. Bella Marie, who's relatively new in the business, is a veteran when it comes to sex. She goes after Dough's cock like it's Baked Alaska, and the other girl, a huge-breasted black chick, eagerly follows along, like gulping the knob will get her in the gang. You'll need a cold glass of water after this one!

Smokin HD also has a 50,000-picture library that's pretty cool, if pictures are your thing, and all the videos are downloadable, which is definitely a big plus for me. There are also numerous bonus sites for you to access with your Smokin HD password, which include the usual lesbian and porn-star sites. If you have the money, and you've seen it all, maybe you might want to check out this site, but over all, I think there are plenty better places for you to drop your dime.

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