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Smoking Alone

Smoking Alone

Review date: 9-Feb-2017 07:56. Imagine my surprise when one of my buddies told me he had a smoking fetish. I think smoking is nasty-- it makes a girl smell and taste like ass, not to mention the whole lung cancer thing, but my friend begged to differ with me, so he sent me to this website, Smoking Alone. It shows girls smoking cigarettes, cigars, or joints while they frig themselves off.

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Smoking Alone

Intro promises:
On the front page of the site there were these five girls glamorously blowing smoke and playing with their hot pink pussies. In spite of myself, I took the bait and wandered in to the members area. The navigation of this site is pretty easy to understand. It has cute cartoon girls smoking cigarettes and a menu that shows you very clearly where to find the videos, search feature, and bonus feeds, and the bonus websites are featured in another menu.

This site is chock full of amateur and pro-am girls blowin' smoke and jilling off, the two things that they do to relax, although some of them like to do them at the same time. Girls smoking and inhaling and exhaling big clouds of smoke are all integral parts of the smoking fetish. When you add in the fact that the girls get themselves off and have genuine orgasms while smoking, you've got a great combination. They suck on their cigarettes or cigars or blunts like they were cocks as they rub, finger and frig themselves off. Most of the scenes don't have any real setups but there are a few that take place in exotic places such as a prison. The models are all sexy amateur or pro-am girls of varying looks and ethnicities, mostly white girls right now, but comprised of a good mix of blondes, brunettes, and redheads, as well as a smattering of Black, Asian, and Latina cuties. There are still pictures from each video in case you want to load up a high-rez picture of that cute girl blowing a smoke ring and imagine emptying your balls onto her lips as she blows that smoke ring. There are 13 videos currently on the site and each one has about 100 still pictures attached to it, so there's over 1300 still pictures on this site, organized into thumbnail galleries. Smoking Alone has 13 videos each about 10 to 15 minutes long. Each video can be played in a browser-based player or it can be downloaded. We look forward to seeing a lot more videos from this site in the future.

So, smoking really isn't the kink for me, but I joined this website anyway, so I looked around at all the other stuff the SuperSitePass Network, which I joined automatically when I joined Smoking Alone. I get access to about 50 bonus websites as part of the deal. These are straight sites of all flavors and other fetish websites featuring things like feet, spanking, and squirting. There are also "bonus feeds" is basically like a free porno movie theater in your web browser with 30 different themes to choose from. So, I think I'll keep this membership anyway, and in case my buddy is broke some time, he can come over and cruise SmokingAlone for his smoking slut fix. I think the best aspect of this site is that it shows off a kink that's not terribly common and that most folks don't know about, but they may be curious about.

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