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Smoking Bitch

Smoking Bitch

Review date: 6-May-2017 08:24. Smoking Bitch is a fetish production by the same RGS "private photo studio" team that brought you the underwhelming Russian Girls and Sex. This, however, is a niche site that promises: "to show you the amateur girls having sex & smoking, pointing the main focus on exhalations & breathes. We know that it's not a good propaganda of the healthy life, but all world is covered by smoke smokers."

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Smoking Bitch

Intro promises:
A lot of what we didn't like about the Russian Girls site goes for this one. You have to keep re-entering your password--even for every thumbnail you want to take to full-size! Site design is basic (even crude), but still not obvious or easy to navigate. A site search function would help. As it is, you have three main choices: Smokin' Sex, Smokin' Girls and Smokin' Video. Smokin' Sex means hardcore and Smokin' Girls is solo posing (way more pics in the former area). Pics are just average size (looked like 600x800). Videos run anywhere from 4-9 megs (1-2 minutes in length) and can be downloaded in mpeg and asf (avi) files. Playback is pretty disappointing, even running as low as 250 kb/s with a blurry picture. The sets look cheap (just an apartment with blankets hanging from the walls and spread on the couches) and, aside from the cigarette-as-prop motif, there isn't a lot of originality or imagination to any of it. No dialogue because this is a Russian site with girls who don't speak English. The sound in the background doesn't even seem like music, but just makes an annoying jangling noise.

This is a better site than Russian Girls mainly because it focuses on a specific fetish. It's also more up-front. The main page gives you an up-to-date count on the site's stats (number of pics, amount of video, latest update). It's not dishonest, just crude. The bottom line is that we thought this was a very average amateur hardcore site, with the low production values and language problems typical of eastern European ghetto porn, with the addition of one bizarre twist. Smoking. To be honest, we had a hard time figuring out the nature of this fetish. Sure Bill Clinton watched Monica play with a cigar, but that was just innocent toy-play. This is smoking. Smoking bitch. Why "bitch"? There's no real femdom action. Nor is there smoke coming out of assholes and pussies. These girls just smoke while they fuck. They smoke while they give blow-jobs--taking a puff on their cigs and then blowing smoke at the guy's dick. A laid-back, cool attitude is usually associated with smoking, and the girls here generally seem quite uninvolved in the sex. We often had difficulty figuring out what they were enjoying more, the cigarette or the cock?

Membership is a little pricey, especially at the trial rate. If naked girls posing and getting fucked while smoking is something you just can't get enough of, then there's no denying this site delivers. We're giving them a "6" for the consistent updates, exclusive material, and size of their archive. But the technical quality isn't great and the models are only average.

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