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Smoking Bunnies

Smoking Bunnies

Review date: 14-Sep-2015 21:06. Don’t miss out on this if you got a thing for girls who like smoking and stripping at the same time? For beautiful young ladies who blow smoke in your face as they blow your minds with their all-natural beauty, Smoking Bunnies can easily be the best place. This very new softcore smoking site will get your crotch smoking with so much heat!

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Smoking Bunnies

Intro promises:
Smoking and smoking hot girls have been going so well together for decades. From lovely and mysterious women smoking in old French movies to badass goth-like girls of today and young brats breaking the rules and pissing their parents off, a woman with a cigarette is often a very erotic combination. We thought, hey, we haven’t had any smoking sites here for a while. Luckily for us, there was Smoking Bunnies, a new and pretty much undiscovered site with beautiful young ladies, stripping, posing and smoking all combined. We developed a liking for the site right from the tour zone. We mean, just look at it. Tasteful, with a bit of glamour about it, and featuring lots of preview images which let you sample the site’s selection – what’s not to like? There’s no video trailer, but instead you get to see a rotation of images in a Flash-based preview, as well as a glimpse of the videos, pictures and models they got. Most important site facts are revealed as well, and these really lure you in. And by all means, if you get turned on when there’s a tight, toned young girl stripping in front of you while puffing on a cigarette, or maybe even a cigar at the same time, Smoking Bunnies will be something you won’t forget anytime soon. Let’s get in and have a look at what they really offer here!

You know this feeling when you worry that a site with a great concept and a nice tour just won’t live up to your expectations when you get to the member area? Well, Smoking Bunnies is not like that. A very neat member area, with the same eye-pleasing design you certainly enjoyed when browsing the tour, welcomes you to access the site’s impressive content catalog. Really, Smoking Bunnies is fresh and new on the market, but they got like 80 videos and 900 picture galleries already. The videos are 700+p films, which, we guess, gives us the right to call them HD. That is for downloads, and you can stream them, too. Big, very crisp pictures are bundled into galleries of 20-30 images each. Zip files are a nice way to grab the galleries you like and keep for later browsing. Smoking Bunnies offers mostly solo episodes with all kinds of hot young girls, blondes and redheads and brunettes alike, playing around in various locations, puffing on a cigar or a cigarette, and revealing all the gems they got. Sometimes you’d come across two girls in a shoot, but there’s not much action between them. A lot is left to imagination here, and this is what proper erotica is all about. Artistic, fetish-inspired and highly creative, these shoots will have you happy and begging for more. And you get more as they update often!

Smoking Bunnies is a softcore erotica slash smoking fetish site done right. It’s not dirty in any way. Instead, it will inspire a lot of smoking-related fantasies in your mind as the site’s models, gorgeous young girls, will be dancing around and puffing away. The production value is great here, as is the lighting, the resulting video quality and just about everything else. For someone with a thing for young girls who smoke and understand the beauty of it, Smoking Bunnies is a safe and enjoyable harbor.

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