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Smoking Hot Diablos

Smoking Hot Diablos

Review date: 20-Mar-2016 13:49. Smoking cock and smoking a cigarette have more in common than you even think. At Smoking Hot Diablos, these bad grrls smoke both – and love it. Like alt chicks taking puffs of cigarette smoke and mouthfuls of dick? Check out the HD videos they got! These mischievous ladies do both kinds of smoking with grace and attitude, so don’t miss it.

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Smoking Hot Diablos

Intro promises:
Everybody likes bad girls. Even if you don’t admit so, their charms will surely start working on you the second you find yourself next to a real bad girl. They get inked, they wear all sorts of crazy outfits, they do whatever the fuck they want – and they smoke. Dicks and cigs alike. Smoking Hot Diablos here is a brand new site which will take your bad girl fantasies to a whole new level. Check out these bitchy American hotties as they take turns wrapping their lips around a thick dick and a cigarette and you’ll see what we mean. Smoking Hot Diablos was recently launched as part of this entire diablos network. Watch out, we already reviewed some of these sites and more are to come, so pretty soon you’ll have the entire diabolical thing covered. And you know, it’s actually a damn good network. The guys bring in naughty, stylish American girls and have them do all sorts of sexy stuff on camera – everything with class. Check out the free area design for Smoking Hot Diablos, our today’s special. Custom cars, pinup girls, tattoos, the American dream, this is what it all brings to mind. Cool, right? We love porn with style, and it’s even better when the style matches with the heat of the entire thing. Here, it totally does. Let’s proceed inside and see what’s the deal here.

The style you saw in the tour area of Smoking Hot Diablos is very well reflected in the member area and of course in the content. You got the thing here, right? It’s all about hot, nasty, misdemeanor-loving girls who smoke cock and cigs at the same time. All set in classic locations like the great outdoors or maybe a car shop with cool American rides, these episodes combine great oral sex and lots of unique character. It’s all about bad girls here, bad girls who enjoy both smoke and spunk. Filmed POV style, these flicks feature great girls with great outfits, hair and tats, exhaling clouds of smoke gracefully as they bring these dicks to orgasm. It might be unhealthy, but boy is it sexy. You can imagine feeling their smoky breath on the tip of your shaft! Anyway, the site features dozens of HD video episodes, downloadable for both desktops and mobile gadgets like the iPad for example. Running at around 30 minutes or so, these episodes will have you exhausted in no time. You get access to the entire network of diablos-named sites with these dirty ladies doing other things you will surely want to see. The site feels pretty unique, all the content is exclusive, and there’s special style and class to the entire thing, not to mention the copious amounts of very skilled cock smoking! All in all, recommended.

Smoking Hot Diablos is deep, intense, hard oral sex plus sexy female smoking – plus tats and bad girls. You know it takes a girl who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to have fun to give you the toe-curling blowjob of your life. Even better if she’s puffing away on a cig as she eats your dick! The site is part of a very cool and special network and all sites have great things in common, like exclusive HD videos you can download, and the bad, inked, crazy girls who feel at ease with thick pulsing dick in their mouths. Check it out, dude!

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