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Review date: 16-Jan-2016 21:14. If you like when a powerful sexy woman rubs her delicious fragrant crack in your face hard, you’re probably going to enjoy Smothered. This new kinky hotspot for queening and facesitting obsessions is offering hundreds of pretty damn satisfying videos showing what happens when naughty women get serious about sitting on a guy’s face. Videos, DVDs, regular updates, this place has a lot.

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Intro promises:
Do you have to be a perv to enjoy it when a woman sits on your face? We guess not. We think a lot of guys are actually into that. Maybe a lot of them just don’t know it yet. At least for a bit, to find yourself under a gorgeous powerful woman rubbing her womanhood right into your face while your task is to satisfy her as good as you can, this is something we all can relate to. Whether you are an experienced kinkster that recognizes no other form of sexual interaction other than smothering and queening, or are just curious, we feel like Smothered will be a site that satisfies all your needs. This brand new hotspot of everything facesitting-related is full of all kinds of content including edgy high quality videos, tons of images, downloadable DVSs, and more, including over 20 different categories. These really let you pick exactly the kind of kinky facesitting-themed footage you feel like watching at this very moment. Why talk when you can actually have a look at the free tour? Smothered lures you inside with great-looking content samples that come with really exciting stories. Read through those, and you’ll be ready to get an account in no time at all. It’s impossible to resist. There are so many women looking to rub their delicousness into a guy’s face. Hard. Let’s have a look.

How exactly would you like to be subdued and used by a beautiful powerful woman? Do you want to worship her ass with your tongue? Do you maybe want her to also smother you with her beautiful feet? Do you want her to be blonde? Would you like to be also tied up while she uses your face for her pleasure? Smothered offers just so many options. We liked the categories section right away. It has over 20 different categories featuring literally everything you may want to see. Blondes, sexy lingerie, foot smothering, plus, more exotic stuff like hand over mouth, orgasm denial and tease, breast smothering, and girl on girl queening. Smothered focuses on delivering videos with an amateur feel to them. You feel like it’s not just some commercially made footage, but something more like a documentary covering real life activities of real couples that are into this mild form of femdom. In other words, these movies may not be super high definition – but they are sure satisfying. You get full streaming and download access to each and every episode. Plus, there are high resolution photos, and then, when you are more or less familiar with the content archive, you can check out other parts of the site. DVDs, to be exact. Smothered provides a comprehensive experience for anyone into smothering and facesitting porn. The quality could be better, but the authenticity and dedication to the niche are impeccable.

How about Smothered over here? It seems to be a very comprehensive site for anyone into facesitting. A great choice of categories and an abundance of very authentic, action-packed videos with true smothering freaks really make for a very rewarding experience. Check this place out, download all the great content Smothered has including the DVDs, and enjoy the regular updates. Hours of genuine smothering fun await you!

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