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Smothering Sluts

Smothering Sluts

Review date: 28-Nov-2012 04:26. Fetish Network brings you awesomeness once again! Smother Sluts is the newest addition to the kinky family, featuring girls with butts which crave some hot smothering. This place is loaded with never before seen exclusive videos of queening you won’t ever forget. And remember, there are like 40+ different sites, all great, you get access to together with your account at Smother Sluts!

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Smothering Sluts

Intro promises:
Do you know this feeling? Sometimes you look at a girl’s behind, so tight and sexy, and with that fleshy crack in the middle of it, and you feel like a dirty little sub. You want that sexy ass all over your face, having it smother you, deprive you of oxygen as you frantically eat and lick and service this gorgeous slit in the middle. If you’re in touch with something like this, Smother Sluts will give you something to remember forever. Remember just because you beat off to it so much, that’s for sure! This place is entirely dedicated to raw, intense, very satisfying facesitting and smothering, and you’re going to have tons of fun watching all this stuff. Smothering Sluts is the newest member of the Fetish Network family. This simply has to mean something to you! Fetish Network is a family of kink-themed sites with over 3,500 videos in there right now, covering things you have been desperate to see covered, and much more. The list of sites really sends your jaw to the floor, but we’re here for the sexy smothering, so let’s give Smothering Sluts an attentive look. The tour features quite a bit of preview material, and it reveals the site’s essence perfectly. If you’re ready for young, fun, kinky girls who use their tight butts and wet cracks to subdue willing men, this is the place to be. Let’s get in and have a closer look!

You’ve seen all these free trailers, now time has come for the real thing. Smothering Sluts won’t keep you waiting. The place is loaded with exclusive material, and you will have tons of fun watching it. If you have ever been afraid your smothering cravings are something way too perverted, Smothering Sluts will fix this. Thing is, this great new site specializes in smothering and ass worship videos which have as much fun and sexy play in them as much as they have kink. If there’s a hot young slut with an ass you want to worship, this whole thing doesn’t have to happen in the dungeon! With dozens of episodes filmed in house specifically for Smothering Sluts, this place offers plenty of value. And don’t forget the thousands of fetish and bondage videos this entire Fetish Network thing has to offer! These multi-format videos are perfect for streaming, downloading to your desktop, or watching on your mobile device. Seriously, with all the sites these guys have launched, you get a stellar set of user features. And these smothering episodes, oh my god! All these young tight girls riding male faces like they were made for this, simply outrageous. And damn hot, too! Admit it, don’t be afraid, you always wanted a tight female butt all over your face, pressed so hard into it you can barely breathe, and the only thing you can do is eat this wild bitch out till she cums all over you!

Smothering Sluts is a brand new hotspot of rough, intense queening coming straight from the vaults of Fetish Network. These guys have managed to blend fun and friskiness with kinky queening just how you like it. Dozens of in-house episodes are available for streaming and downloading, plus, you get access to thousands (literally) of Fetish Network items covering everything fetish and bondage you can only think of. A pretty damn solid deal right here, if you ask us!

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