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Sneaky Peeks

Sneaky Peeks

Review date: 9-Oct-2017 06:14. There are a lot of poor-quality voyeur sites out there. I think that these voyeur pages try to go for that whole security camera/illicit photo thing, but you wind up with grainy images of that would make anyone look unattractive. At Sneaky Peeks, the quality has been given a big boost and you'll be able to watch Europe's hottest babes fucking and sucking behind closed doors.

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Sneaky Peeks

Intro promises:
This being voyeur porn, there's an emphasis on older chicks getting caught with their panties down. A lot of the pics and vids are shot through a hole in the wall or behind a two-way mirror, as well as "sneaking" around a door and surprising the gal. I don't know how unsuspecting these chicks actually are, but the Peeping Tom fantasy is maintained well throughout this site.

There are currently 479 excellent-quality downloadable vids and 32 photo galleries that capture all the voyeuristic action. These photos depict the women beautifully and it's a nice change from the usually crappy look of these types of sites. The only other feature to note is the fan forum, where voyeurs can chat with each other and request photo shoots. The video collection will likely increase as time goes on considering the frequent update schedule, although they appear to have stopped adding photos. You should note that with the daily download limit of 5GB, you might want to be choosy about which scenes you save first.

This site is a welcome change of pace from the legions of crappy voyeur pages on the Net. Let your inner voyeur come out and take a peek.

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