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Sock Fixation

Sock Fixation

Review date: 27-Apr-2013 10:05. What happens to you when a girl has dirty smelly socks on? Do you get all submissive and obedient and just beg for a chance to bury your nose in the socks and take a subservient whiff? Sock Fixation is yet another masterpiece from the Twisted Females family of sites. These ladies have been wearing their socks all day and now they want to have some really dirty fun! Get ready, you.

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Sock Fixation

Intro promises:
What is the most special way a girl can show her power over you, humiliate you, and deliver a massively powerful erotic thrill at the same time? How about making you smell their dirty socks? Just think about it. The socks are nice and comfy and she has been wearing them all day. Walking, standing up, you know, the usual. Or maybe she’s even nastier than you had thought and she’s been wearing them for more than just a day! Whatever it is, you know there will be a powerful rush going all the way through all your cells when she tells you to get on your knees and get ready. Then she will push her feet right in your face, you’ll take a whiff, and well, this is how the magic happens. Sock Fixation is here and it’s fully ready to be enjoyed. Well, guess what, it’s one more site from the Twisted Females family. If you have been following our reviews, especially the ones covering very special fetishes, you know what’s going on here. Twisted Females is a family of sites which cover very special obsessions, and in a very special way, too. See the tour to get the idea. It’s all about these episodes where you see the girl POV style and she describes what kind of dirty, degrading things she wants you to do. It’s not just watching, it’s much more magical and full of chemistry than that!

Humiliation, fetishes involving smell and feet, and the material the socks are made out of – this whole sock thing sure has a lot of different fantasies and obsessions packed into one intense experience. And, from what we can see, Sock Fixation is the closest you can get to this experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll set your desires free and just try it after you see this really special site. Sock Fixation is built in a way similar to the other sites of the Twisted Females group of sites. You, dirty little sock sniffer, are about to enjoy a nicely sized selection of episodes where the videos are the most important element. Oh wait, and the stories coming with the episodes are quite important as well! Choose between the resolutions and formats, from WMV HD to 3GP, and your very special sock fetish experience is about to start. Like with other Twisted Females sites, Sock Fixation is about girls filmed point of view, telling you what a sorry little brat you are and how you should just smell their socks or maybe give them a foot massage with the socks on. Obviously, you can’t smell things over the internet right now, but the girls put on such a great show telling you how ripe their socks are and how you can earn your right to sniff them you almost feel the fragrance. We’ll leave you to experiment with the videos at Sock Fixation now – and remember, there is a whole bunch of other sites in there!

Oh you Twisted Females people, will you ever stop? Sock Fixation lets you explore your submissive, sock-smelling side with its POV sock smelling, femdom and foot fetish episodes. A great addition to this rocking cool family of sites, Sock Fixation tackles a very difficult and challenging subject beautifully. If you’re open-minded and imaginative enough to get off while girls talk dirty to you about their dirty socks, we just can’t let you miss out on this place. See it immediately, it’s all ripe and ready, just like these socks (quite possibly smelly ones)!

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