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South Beach

South Beach

Review date: 9-Feb-2017 08:22. South Beach is not only a popular vacation spot, it's one of Girls Gone Wild's billions of websites dedicated to young, hot girls getting drunk and acting stupid on camera. Girls Gone Wild is a pretty famous group so I'm pretty sure anyone reading this knows what they do and why they do it, but newcomers should expect lots of teens, college girls, lesbians, flashing, big tits, voyeurism, amateurs, and some, but not much, hardcore.

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South Beach

Intro promises:
The free tour offers teasers and previews, but they're nothing you haven't already seen in late night ads for GGW videos. It's a good thing South Beach has niche breakdowns and a search engine, because the members area is something of a car wreck. Granted, this site puts up a lot of different kinds of content, but the home page layout is confusing at first. It shows all the daily updates, as well as their daily sponsored site, featured titles, and featured events. It's all very garish compared to other websites like it; they tell you what they have, whereas South Beach screams it into your ear while flinging beads at you. Still, there's a search engine with niche breakdowns in a banner at the top of the page, which makes navigating the website a little easier, and shows off the impressive diversity of content you'll find here. It's just a matter of finding it.

And the content is generally good. It's pro am all the way (the GGW crew has money now and some of these girls look a little too good to be true), but the charm and excitement of capturing real girls' naughty bits on film is still there. All the content is exclusive, of course, and there is a ton of it to be had; girls are all over this site. And they're hot, too. South Beach has a lot of tight-bodied blondes and sultry brunettes, and they're often dressed up (the newest update as of this writing is of two schoolgirls getting down). Most of them don't do more than flash, but there's quite a bit of lesbian sex and masturbation here as well. I haven't found the hardcore stuff yet, but I know it's in there somewhere. Each update has boatloads of pictures, pages and pages worth, and some updates are only pictures. They look like stills taken during the shoot, and I often see flashbulbs in the videos so that's likely what they are. They look great though, and capture the girls and the party atmosphere very nicely, without being too, too sketchy. The movies are stream-only and look exactly like the stuff you'd see in GGW videos. Amateur, but well done amateur with girls you wish you knew. The movies often take their sweet time buffering, and they're generally 2-5 minute clips, but there are a lot of them to make up for that.

As far as extras go, South Beach hooks you up with some webcams and exclusive webstreams of the most popular GGW girls, and a webstream of Hustler lesbian movies, too. It's all high-quality, with lots of hot girls doing all sorts of stuff to each other. All organizational quibbles aside, South Beach is a good website for the money, with lots of diverse content and hot girls and lesbians and for crying out loud, close this window and buy a membership.

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