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Spank This

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 08:26. Which of us hasn't dreamt of that husky gym teacher taking us over his knee and slapping us into submission? What about that shirtless, arrogant and gorgeous kid in the park that loves to strut his stuff--wouldn't you want to teach him a lesson or two with his lithe body draped naked over your legs?

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Spank This

Intro promises:
Spank This relies on a tried, tested and true system for showing off the goods--simple and clear. You have your selection of "models" to pick from, i.e. 14 pages of 12 models each. Count'em, that's 168 guys arching their backs with each satisfying SLAP. Most of them (though not all) are young, pretty twinks. Some have caps, and the requisite surfer necklaces, some have wisps of facial hair. All have plump butts that turns a rosy pink with a few paddles.

I was surprised how well some of these boys take it, especially compared to how badly some of the beefier, muscular men handle being slapped for 20 minutes straight. Compare, if you will, Troy and Steven. Troy is 19, 5'8", 150 pounds of blond, slim cuteness. Steven is of unknown age, though I'd say about 30, 5'7" and 160 pounds of solid muscle. The pleasure of watching Troy take hit after hit, watching his bum turn darker shades of plum, was trumped by watching Steven squirm and clench for the entire 20 minutes, yelping "Ow! Ow! Ow!" all the while. Seasoned watchers will know to look for telltale signs of even the most hardy victims begin to give into the sweet pain: the clenching jaws, the forearm muscles rippling. But that's only half the fun. The other half comes in the plethora of discipliners that have the task of feeling those fleshy mounds. You'll find twinks slapping twinks, and you'll find daddy-bear types doing the same, sometimes just by hand, other times with specialized tools. From tattooed biker types to upset roommates, it seems everyone's in on the fun. Many of the clips are slapping only, but I was pleased to find some sessions get heated enough for the boys to be unable to contain the sexual tension any longer, leading to fingering, rimming and finally some fucking and cum-all-over-each-other-ing.

Spank This offers a new clip every week, and there are already many to tide you over, easily streamed and downloaded. There's even a personals section to find other people into punishment in your area, and you can buy products or DVD/VHS copies of the videos shipped right to you. In all, the site left me glowing with pleasure.

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