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Spanking Sorority Girls

Spanking Sorority Girls

Review date: 18-Sep-2017 18:53. Ever asked yourself why do they even have sororities at colleges and such? Turns out one of the purposes is bringing hot kinky girls together so that they can indulge in their spanking urges! Spanking Sorority Girls lets you explore all the campus spanking craze with super pretty coeds making each other’s bums all pink and swollen with truly delightful spanking. It’s worth seeing!

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Intro promises:
Take heed everyone who is into f/f spanking and kinky coeds, there is something you should really see. After all, haven’t we spent all these months or maybe even years waiting for someone to build a decent site which could satisfy our needs to see pretty sorority girls getting all playful and adventurous with paddles, canes, whips and heck, their bare hands. In other words, the place for a coed spanking site was still vacant – up until now. Spanking Sorority Girls is now live, and we cannot tell you how excited we are about this. We hate when delicate subjects like spanking, and we are sure everybody would agree spanking is a very delicate sensual area, are tackled by people who lack dedication and understanding. It just ruins the whole experience. With Spanking Sorority Girls, you don’t need to worry. The site is the newest product in the line of 5+ spanking themed sites (female on female spanking, that is) which are maintained by a company entirely dedicated to fine spanking content and nothing else. This is how it should be done, you know, by people with complete scene and niche dedication. The tour will give you all the details you need to know before signing up. The tour and our review, of course! Look, you’re in the garden of spanking delights, and it’s on campus full of hot and sexually adventurous sorority sisters!

The tour had a classic, authentic feel to it, without annoying adspeak and flashy details common to worthless commodified adult sites of today. Spanking Sorority Girls, after you enter it, is really different from what you may be used to. In a good way, of course. These people know how to tackle the spanking fetish! The site’s minimal, quiet, stylish design lets you access the episodes easily and right away. Spanking Sorority Girls is quite fresh, in fact, we’re not even sure it’s out of beta right now. The episode count is in the tens right now, but oh what episodes these are! These guys have really taken sorority girl spanking to a whole new level. Different scenarios, different characters and different kinds of spanking, you get it all. Set your spanking fantasies free, these sororities are visited by coeds, senior students, teachers, even moms – and nuns! And everybody wants either to have their sexy girlie bottom spanked – or spank some herself. Sometimes even both! Really, we were unable to stop going from video to video. These usually last 10 to 20 minutes or so. All of them have a very authentic feel, the girls are really into it, the spanking gear gets quite sophisticated sometimes, and the closeups really let you appreciate the pink bottoms which get even curvier after they get spanked so hard. If you are a spanking man, get in!

Spanking Sorority Girls is basically everything you need from a coed spanking themed site. Everything is very well-balanced and displays a very high level of quality. This is not just some commercial piece of crap made to steal some money out of your wallet. This is a genuine niche product built by people in the know, by someone who knows what f/f spanking is all about. You get not just the site’s exclusive content collection filmed in-house, you get access to 4+ other female spanking sites. Could it really get better for a spanking fan? We doubt it!

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