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Spanking Them

Spanking Them

Review date: 17-Oct-2013 05:36. Some girls are just asking for it. Asking to be bent over and get their silly butts spanked super hard. Some girls are asking for it because getting spanked makes their pussies all wet and engorged! Explore Spanking Them, a brand new spanking fetish site with European secretaries, college girls and other characters getting all the spanking, whipping, flogging and lashing they want.

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Spanking Them

Intro promises:
There are girls out there who just need to be disciplined. And not just because they are lousy workers, lazy students, or just generally silly and misbehaving. They also crave punishment, their pussies get soaked with juices when hands or maybe whips, pads or lashes land on their tasty buttocks. There’s nothing like throwing a hapless hottie over your knee and giving her tight butt a spanking she will never forget. If you have been missing out on the thrills of spanking and feel like checking out some authentic spanking videos made by people who know what’s going on, Spanking Them is at your service. This cool new site has an understated look and some of the best new spanking videos and photos we have seen these days. See for yourself! The tour transmits the message of calm, reserved coolness as you scroll down the single tour page with all the previews and the join button all in one place. The site takes away all the fuss and the silly stuff out of the joys of spanking. These European girls are here to be slapped – and the pain and humiliation makes their tight cunts overflow with juices. It looks like there’s no straightforward sex here. Except for when the girls get way too aroused not to start rubbing their hard clits and toying their super wet holes with toys! If you are fed up with all the sites that claim to be about spanking but feature boring sex instead with just a few slaps, Spanking Them could be the right thing for you!

If you would like to spank a naked slutty girl right now and there are none of those at hand (lol), you better get inside Spanking Them and start watching! This site is a solid product like they made in the good old days when people were still about doing what they like, not doing what sells. Spanking Them has a dark, basic-looking member area that provides easy access to the site’s content. There are picture sets and videos here, with enough features to make you enjoy your Spanking Them time without thinking too much. The picture sets have zip downloadables while the movies play smoothly when you stream them from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone. Downloading is a great option, and a lot of these 20-25 minute movies are a keeper. Spanking Them updates every 10 days, and the great thing about the updates is that you can request a custom shoot according to your very own spanking fantasy. Yes, they will do that for you. Of course, you can’t be the only one saying what happens next, this will be a little bit over the top. But it’s nice to have that option, really. The episodes feature pretty European girls in various roles, secretaries, students and what not, getting punished by powerful men. You can tell the girls totally get off on being slapped, they moan, they get wet, they masturbate. When they are allowed to, of course! Each episode has an authentic feel about it, no silly stuff. Very enjoyable!

Get ready for a comprehensive spanking erotica experience. Spanking Them takes all the fuss out of watching sexy Eurogirls spanked, whipped and lashed. Without a hint of any silly stuff going on like too much sex or faked performances, Spanking Them has highly authentic videos bringing together powerful men and submissive girls who get off on being slapped. You will want to watch each and every episode from beginning to end. Why don’t you start doing so right now? Spanking Them is fresh and ready to be enjoyed!

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