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Review date: 28-Dec-2017 04:56. Spark is one of the best sites when it comes to singles dating, and it offers lots of amazing features and matching software to help you find the right person. Over the last couple of years, Spark has proved to be a top quality site, so it's no wonder that there are thousands of new members joining daily. This only adds up to the members database that currently has over one million members from all around the world.

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Intro promises:
There are people of all sexual preferences, so whether you're straight, bisexual or gay you can start your search for a partner here. The best way to explore a dating site is to become a member, and Spark offers you a chance to join absolutely free of charge. The profile creating software will lead you to the process, so in just a couple of minutes you'll have your profile ready, with all the important info filled out. You are required to upload a photo up to 72 hours from your profile activation, because Spark makes sure everyone has a complete profile. Once you've done with it, you can start looking around the site and learning about the features it provides. Make sure that you do a quick search and look for interesting people who live in your area. One of the greatest things about Spark is that they make sure that every single member has a profile picture. If you're tired of dating sites where half of the profiles don't have a single photo, you'll love Spark. Every member is required to upload at least one photo within 72 hours of registration, and if you fail to do so, your account gets suspended. This way everyone is required to have a photo that gets verified, so this makes finding a match a lot easier.

Another great feature that helps you find the best match is the color coded matching system. There are 4 different colors you can be, each one representing a different type of personality. This test is designed by a professional and it requires instinctive answers, so there is no cheating. Once you've done with the test, you'll get a detailed description of your personality type, as well as advice on which color partners to choose. It's a great way to improve your chances of finding someone you'd get along with, and really fun if you're into tests. You can constantly keep track of all the activity on the site by using the newsfeed feature. It's similar to facebook and lets you know who uploaded a new photo, recently joined, added you to their favorites list etc. Even as a free member, you're allowed to send up to 30 flirts to other members. This is a fast way to let them know you're interested, so make sure you use up all 30 of them to get the best results. To get the best out of Spark, make sure you upgrade your account as soon as you can. As a free member you're not allowed to send emails to other members or to participate in live chat, so upgrade to get to meet people. There are two types of membership, standard and premium, and one, three and six month plans for each of them. I would suggest getting the premium membership because it's only slightly more expensive and gets you a lot of bonus features and unlimited access to all parts of the site. To save the most money, go for the premium 6 month package, and get each month for as low as $12.99 per month. There is only one thing i didn't like about Spark, and that's having advertisements in the members section. I do realize that maintaining a site this big requires a lot of money, especially to provide additional features, but having ads every time you open your profile page can tend to be really annoying.

If you're serious about finding true love on the internet, Spark should be the first site you should join. If you can't find your match among over one million hot members, you're probably hopeless. Don't wait too long and join this amazing site and start making new contacts and meeting interesting people. For the best results, make sure you upgrade your account as soon as possible. Remember, you'll get a special discount if you upgrade for three or six months, so take this into account when deciding which premium plan to choose.

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