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Sperm Hospital

Sperm Hospital

Review date: 9-Sep-2015 21:34. You’re a young horny dude looking to make some money. A sperm donor seems like a good idea. For the older (but still smoking hot) lady who works in the clinic, stroking your hard dick till you are ready to shoot is a good idea. Looks like a win win situation, does it not? Sperm Hospital features sexually starved European grannies stroking the hell out of much, much younger guys.

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Sperm Hospital

Intro promises:
Isn’t it time you found out about what healthcare is like in Europe? Don’t worry, it’s not going to be boring. Turns out there is this sperm clinic where young guys come to become donors, only to get stroked to their last drops by super horny MILFs, moms, and grannies. These old fucked up bitches in uniforms literally make guys shoot all over their giant mature racks. Sperm Hospital is one crazy place, that’s for sure. Oh yeah, that’s what the site is called. It documents the adventures of young guys full of sperm who come to this sperm clinic for a release. The grannies are so happy to see them there! The site was launched earlier this summer and looks like it has been growing ever since. Sperm Hospital has a cool-looking free tour that has tons of previews and we gotta say, looks real sharp. Not just as in, well put together, but also as in, damn these sample photos are fucking crisp. You get to see how hot (and old) the grannies are, and you also get to find out what happens in the episodes exactly. Turns out it’s not just plain cock stroking. The grannies may incorporate some prostate milking into the whole thing. Well, that’s Europe right there for you, healthcare professionals fingering young male butts to get one extra drop of salty man juice.

So, do you want to see a pair of huge-ass granny boobs with young guy’s cum on them? Of course you do. The best thing is, these old ladies want exactly the same thing. Sperm Hospital never lets you get bored always offering a new twist in each new episode. We just loved their selection of women, by the way. They are quite old, but damn are they smoking hot. Not just hot and horny, but also leggy and busty. Also, often quite tanned. Wearing the uniform, of course. Damn, when you see such a doctor in front of you and feel the sexual tension in the room, you might just produce a sperm sample without any stroking involved. But these ladies want to play with your thing. They also want to stick a finger up your ass. That’s right, they know how your thing works. Sperm Hospital offers full length HD videos in 720p as well as lower quality formats. You can steam and download all the flicks without any hassle. There are also photos, about 200 per episode. The site updates every week and comes with bonus access to yet another mom-themed masterpiece from the same company. We liked the beautiful execution of a kinky theme, and we especially liked the super sexy grannies. Where do they find women like this? We guess this is what European healthcare is in the end.

Check out Sperm Hospital for beautiful grannies milking young dudes till the last drop. The whole thing is set in a hospital environment, the ladies are wearing uniforms, and the whole thing looks completely real. What else could you possibly want? Sperm Hospital comes loaded with HD downloads, and there is also a bonus site included. Get ready to have your shaft milked by a horny granny doctor right now!

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