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Sperm Mania

Sperm Mania

Review date: 23-Jun-2016 21:42. Kinky Japanese girls, gallons of sperm, almost literally, and very specific sperm fetish things going on that would please and excite not just a cum play freak but pretty much any straight dude out there. This is Sperm Mania, a boutique kind of site with very well-produced content focusing on all things sloppy. You just can’t miss out on all these cum-crazed Asian sluts. Let’s see.

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Sperm Mania

Intro promises:
Do you have a cum fetish? Wait, don’t answer. Maybe you do but you think you don’t. You just don’t know. Sperm and cum play are a controversial area, that’s for sure. But wait till you see everything that Sperm Mania got here. That is, if you think you are not into stuff like that. This very interesting new site brings together several things we really like. First of all, there’s Asian girls. Somehow they are the kinkiest. Not only they are all about pleasing their man (or men), they are also open to all sorts of pervy activities. How about blowing a guy till he cums in her mouth and then using the cum in her mouth as lube for the dick of another guy she’s servicing next? Or using cum as lube when it comes (lol) to fucking her tight Asian bush. Or wearing panties that a bunch of horny guys take turns cumming into. All of that and more is possible here at Sperm Mania. Check out the site’s truly glamorous free tour area. Look how the black background and the minimalist design really make the content samples work. Well, these don’t really need any extra embellishments. Even in the free zone, both photos and videos Sperm Mania has to offer look superb. Crysal clear, focus on the action, black background, beautiful light. Everything seems to be there. Let’s take a closer look.

So, how much of a sperm maniac are you, really? Because the deeper you go into the archive of content here at Sperm Mania, the freakier things you may encounter. Sperm Mania is quite a special place with a great focus on niche content. If you have even a small bit of a cum fetish and slash or a thing for tiny Asian girls who get completely messy and sticky, you will like it. The site offers an insight into the whole cum play scene providing content of several distinct types. This includes cum as lube for another guy’s handjob, the same but with pussy involved, creampie gangbangs, basically everything else but with a large group of people, panties full of cum, and more. It’s hard to believe how much fucking seed is spilled here! The girls are all refined and beautiful, and the shooting style really brings out their best features. You won’t know what you like more, the lovely girls or the depraved things that they do. Most likely, both. Sperm Mania offers ultra crisp looking photos and HD videos, and we honestly don’t know what our preference here is. Oh and yes, there is none of that damn pixelation, something we totally hate about any even remotely Asian porn! There are hundreds of hours of premium grade, very niche hardcore erotica here, yes, with an artsy touch to it, too. Although you better make sure you have a ton of napkins ready.

Sperm Mania is completely original, very exclusive, and totally cum-soaked. Oh, and it’s also kinky as hell. Check out these Japanese babes in some of the messiest and craziest and most fucked up cum play action you will ever see. With hundreds of hours of video and hundreds of photos and dozens of super messy cumshots, Sperm Mania is highly entertaining. See it now!

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