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Spice Or Nice

Spice Or Nice

Review date: 19-Nov-2017 04:39. While the title of the site indicates that you can find both nice and naughty girls here, most female members of Spice Or Nice are looking for a sex partner. Although there are some girls that would fit the "nice" category that are hoping to meet someone special and have a relationship, the majority is here just to have fun.

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Spice Or Nice

Intro promises:
Spice Or Nice has become really popular lately, and the trends show that there are a couple of thousand new members every week. This is a dating site that will keep you occupied, so if you want some clean fun and no strings attached, you're more than welcome to join Spice Or Nice. You don't have to pay to join Spice Or Nice, so use this opportunity to start searching for hot singles that live near you. With thousands of active members, it's gonna be a hard task to pick the best one, but no one is making you choose only one girl. As a free member, you get access to most parts of the site, while premium features such as advanced search and live chat are reserved for upgraded members only. Still, you get to have fun browsing people's pictures and reading profiles, so you're 100% sure that you're getting what you need before you choose to upgrade your account.

One of the greatest things about Spice Or Nice is that they practice a photo verification process for their members, so you're sure that these girls are real. With so many scam sites and fake profiles, you can never be too sure. Spice Or Nice needs you to upload an official form of identification, which is any ID that has your picture on it. After comparing it to your profile picture, you get verified. Verified members get up to 10 times more views, because people prefer to talk to people who are guaranteed to be real. Just make sure you see a "verified member" icon on a member's page before you start chatting. You can easily manage profiles by putting them on some of your lists. Hot list lets you keep all the hottest members in one place, so you can contact them all once you've upgraded your account. You can add unlimited number of members on your hot list, so don't think too much about doing it. On the other hand, if someone is bothering you and keeps sending you unwanted emails, you can simply block them by putting them on your block list. This way they won't be able to access your profile or contact you in any way, and their profile won't appear in your search. You can keep track of the online members at any time, by searching for them in the "who's online" section. As i could notice, there are literally thousands of people online, but for some reason the number of people available for chat is much smaller. I guess that members prefer to send private emails than to be available for chat to all other members, but still i wish there were more people on the live chat. The good thing is that you can choose from thousands of girls to talk to, and you're pretty much guaranteed a fast reply. Start hitting on these hotties and get to see the results of your efforts! When it comes to the members database, the numbers are working for you. Currently the number of active members is somewhere around 400 thousand, which is a pretty big number. The site is pretty active, and you can constantly find thousands of people online, which makes it easy to start a conversation with someone. Make sure you use this to your advantage, and don't hesitate to contact a lot of members. The more people you get in touch with, the faster you'll find someone willing to hook up with you. Unfortunately, the number of online members in live chat section was a real let down. There aren't many members available for chat, and most of them are male members that hang there 24/7. If you're looking to have a hot chat with an interesting girl, you won't get lucky. At least you can stick to messaging people.

Spice Or Nice isn't the best dating site on earth, but it has a lot of great features that still make it worth joining. One of the best things about it is that members get verified, so if you're sick and tired of places with millions of fake members and want the real thing, don't think twice about joining Spice Or Nice.

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