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Squirt a Mania

Squirt a Mania

Review date: 18-Apr-2014 05:28. Squirting pornstars? Yes, please. Squirt a Mania is brought to you by Dirty D, one of the most renowned American pornographers. This place has hundreds of super horny pornstars with pussies gushing out gallons of love juice as they cum. Be sure, these girls love to cum. Check out all the hardcore squirting videos and access as many as 15+ different sites Dirty D has in store for you.

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Squirt a Mania

Intro promises:
Everybody loves watching hot pornstars getting rammed hard. These girls love what they do and they are really good at getting stabbed with thick dick. But it all becomes even more satisfying and entertaining when you add an extra kinky twist in there. Like squirting, for example. Imagine your classic American hardcore porn setup with a guy and a girl, or maybe even two girls. The two fool around, fuck each other’s brains out, and then the girls take turns making each other cum extra hard and squirt all over the fucking place. Literally everything gets drenched! This is pretty much what’s happening inside Squirt a Mania. This guy known as Porno Dan or Dirty D is quite well-known in the American smut business. He genuinely loves porn, and the videos he films during his endeavors are inside these 16+ sites that you will be able to see with your Squirt a Mania account. Across the network, he adds around 2 or 3 brand new videos every day. Squirt a Mania is his personal chronicle of finding hot and sex-crazed American pornstars who have this natural ability to squirt. Check out the tour that has this classic porn site look from a bit back in the day. But don’t think this is some outdated site that stopped growing years ago. Porno Dan has never left the business and there’s plenty of new material to see. Let’s see it right now!

You better have something ready, like a towel or maybe a bunch of napkins. When you are inside Squirt a Mania, things get wetter and wetter at alarming speed. The site’s basic-looking member area lets you access the content collection without any hassle at all. Squirt a Mania has around a hundred of items of each type, we mean photo sets and video stories. In each, there’s either guy and girl action or maybe a threeway of the FFM kind. Some steamy fucking goes down, and then the girl gets her wet pulsing cunt abused with fingering and vibrators to the point that it explodes with a fountain of juice. This is the real shit, man! Squirt a Mania lets you download everything and keep it forever with no restrictions involved. You can download either MP4 or WMV files. The WMV ones seem to be of higher quality. Zipped photo sets and slideshows are available for photos as well. The videos really ooze of long-time involvement in the porn business. Everything is cool and chilled as Dan starts chatting to the girl or the girls. Things get steamier with every second and before you know it Dan’s fingers or tongue or a vibrator are all around the girl’s pussy. Bam, and she gushes. Some let out real fountains while others don't shoot out that much. In any case, Squirt a Mania is a solid site, lovingly made, full of great content and offering nice value for money.

Squirt a Mania is all about squirting pornstars. Who else could bring them to these explosions if not Porno Dan over here? Join his network of 16+ premium quality sites, each with a different theme. If you like pornstars, relaxed atmosphere, and natural squirting, Squirt a Mania could really be the next big hit for you. It’s all completely real, and before the actual gushing happens, you get to see a lot of totally nasty sex. What else could we possibly want, really? See Squirt a Mania now!

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