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Squirter Girls

Squirter Girls

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 07:42. When I visited Squirter Girls, I expected to see women peeing along with some vaginal secretions. What I got was that, but for the most part, the site was a personal site hosted and maintained by adult goddess Lori Anderson. Squirter Girls seems to be a subdomain of its main site, MySexLife.

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Squirter Girls

Intro promises:
Lori Anderson, the website's owner, gives members her entire life, from high-resolution pictures to her online diary, to which she actually does have things to say. The section dedicated to Squirter Girls, contains a few women, Lori included, squirting for the camera via movies, vid caps and high-quality pictures. For the most part, a lot of the sets are the same, with each woman ending with something coming out of her vagina. Fortunately, the pictures are excellent, fairly sized and they load quickly. There are also tons of them. There are also videos of the picture sets so members can actually hear and see the urine coming out.

The rest of the site features Lori's personal photo sets, which include Hardcore, Softcore, Girl/Girl, Fetish, Hand jobs, Blow jobs and My Bedroom. These sets are of the same high quality and lots, if not most, offer videos of the series of pictures. What I like about the sets is that Lori introduces each set with where it was taken and when. She really goes all out for her members. The videos download quickly (it varies pending on the size of the file) and they play with supreme excellence. In one, Lori gives a combination hand job/blow job which ends with her eyes, nose and mouth covered in a white liquid. Lori goes all out on Squirter Girls but I think the name is misleading because, as I mentioned above, it's mostly of her and her personal affairs. Included with paid membership are a Message Board, Diary, Live Shows (3/week), Live Feeds, Featured Girls, the ability to Submit Photos and her Store, which has videos. There's also a downloadable desk calendar and an online status icon that allows you to impose on her Yahoo instant messenger and say things like, "You give good head."

I gave the site a 4.5 rating because, although membership is well-worth it, Squirter Girls deceived me, as I thought it was just that. BUT, having gone through the site, it's well-run, Lori cares about her members and the content is plenty and of the best quality.

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