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Review date: 13-Nov-2016 10:20. This one is just for ladies, thought I suppose anyone could enjoy the photos, videos and articles provided for women, by women at Ssh. The site is an erotic magazine featuring a variety of content, articles, advice columns, stores and much more that women who love porn will enjoy.

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Intro promises:
Sssh features photos, videos and other content for women who enjoy porn. When you log into the members area you‘ll have a lot to look at. Thankfully the site is well designed and organized so browsing around is a real breeze. Each section has a bold heading with sub-categories linked to. There is the Advice Goddess for tips and Q&A “ask Abby” style articles. Your Corner contains lots of articles on the history of sex, sexual advice and other goodies like erotic stories and radio plays. The Man Menu offers photos, movies and stories of male models as well as “ask a man” advice. Other areas includes still more photos and videos, some of women and men, just men, just women, hardcore and softcore, more stories… you get the idea.

The site offers a lot of “community” features. There are member submissions of photos and videos, as well as quizzes and a dating forum where you can meet new people and hook up. There is also a store to buy sex toys, movies, books and Ssh branded goods. There isn’t a lot of content available at Ssh but you will enjoy 50 movies at the time of this review. The quality ranges from poor to gorgeous high-definition flicks that you can download in QuickTime, Windows Media, RealPlayer and MP4 formats. The HD movies are under the “Movies For Couples” section only, incase you want to get to those as fast as possible. Interested visitors should take note that some movies are streaming only, which does put a bit of damper on things. The 107 photo galleries are full of gorgeous photos, most of them being high-res, that you can download in a zip file in most cases. You can always just browse them in a standard online gallery as well. Some of the photo galleries are paired with an erotic story of sorts, which was something different and fun.

I really liked Sssh because it isn’t just another porn site full of naked guys with a “for women” stamp on it. It’s a lot more than a porn site, to be honest, and a model that even your average straight site should think about copying. All the bonuses, the content, the forums and advice columns are a huge part of what makes this site so valuable, and the hardcore and softcore content is just the icing on the cake. For female (or female inclined) porn lovers, Sssh is a great site to join and I recommend it.

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