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Stallion Men

Stallion Men

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 09:24. This is not your cutting-edge, flash-based, animated buttons, load-time sex site. Quite the opposite, Stallion Men has reduced the interface to the barest essentials: There's one page to the whole thing. But, it's a long page. The few links they have go to the videos page, and the rating page which lets you rate the models they currently have up, with the promise to supply more pictures of the especially popular hotties.

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Stallion Men

Intro promises:
But let's get to the MEAT of the matter shall we? The naked men that adorn that one, long page are laid out two at a time, and presented quite simply: one appetite-whetting photo, his name, and what media is available on him. Some models have just one photo set, some have two, some have videos, and some have a combination of the two.

That said, even one photo "set" will give you enough eye candy on a particular model to last you through a good round of fantasies. Each "set" is composed of 6-12 galleries of the same model, with each progressive gallery getting more and more revealing. I personally am a big fan of seeing a man fully clothed before I see him stroking his cock so this was a boon for me. You can pick your man and select your personalized series of shots, stripping down to nothing and jerking off. In most cases, there's a money shot of the cum-on-ripped-abs variety. Yum. Which leads me to the best part (and you'll agree if you're an ass-man like myself). The final gallery for many of the models is dedicated to Butt. This is also where you'll find some respite from the monotony of muscles shaved to within an inch of their lives, for you'll find many men leave their cracks satisfyingly dark with hair. So there you have it! Hours of fun.

But there are some snags, which I'm duty-bound to report. Your $19.95/month will grant you access to the photos, but not to the videos which are, I'm sad to report, Pay-per-view, at $9.95 for five days (non-recurring), which seemed a little steep for me. You do get access to the preview videos, and I'll admit they're not the usual insipid G-rated ones offering glimpses (about 30 seconds each) of some X-rated solo action. That said, it is a truly solid collection of models, both familiar and new, with many photos for each. (9,800 photos so far, with a new model added every week.) If a little stingy with their movies, Stallion Men is more than forthcoming with their beef.

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