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Stiletto Tease

Stiletto Tease

Review date: 19-Jan-2012 18:15. How often did you see a beautiful lady in high stiletto heels and just silently begged for her to take you home and tease you with her lovely high-heeled shoes, smooth long legs and attractive feet till you made a wet mess of her place? Well, at Stiletto Tease, all these fantasies will get real. A can’t-miss for a stiletto fan!

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Stiletto Tease

Intro promises:
If we were to rate clothes and accessories women wear on the basis of how hot-looking and sensually suggestive these things are, high-heeled shoes would definitely get a pretty damn high rating, probably even the highest possible. You know you’re a dealing with a real lady, or better still, a real lady is dealing with you, if she’s wearing high heels. So many types of high heeled shoes, so many textures, colors, styles and preferences, but one thing is always the same. This stiletto heel is an arrow which goes straight into your heart if she’s doing it right. And at Stiletto Tease, she always does it right. This is a newly launched site specializing in high heel themed softcore episodes with girls and pairs of girls telling you how they adore their expensive, great-looking shoes to the point of being fetishists – teasing your brain and soul out as they do it. The classy, glamorous looking free tour area will set you in the right mood. Strict black background and popping colors with a nice selection of sample pictures really gets you there, in your very own stiletto obsession paradise. Well, what can we say, if these high heel wearing beauties in fine expensive lingerie or without it got your stiletto freak’s heart beating faster, the only thing you can do about it is get inside and start watching right now!

You know what? We are so absolutely bored and even annoyed with plain, stupid sites where every subtle detail and fetish is turned into background for brainless hardcore sex that Stiletto Tease is a real breathe of fresh air here. The site treats its very refined subject with all the elegance this subject deserves. Stiletto Tease is a young creation with a few dozen all-exclusive episodes available to its members in full. There are videos and photos here, with corresponding amounts of both. It’s really nice being able to choose between still images and movies when you’re dealing with such a delicate subject as girls in high-heeled shoes. The videos come in multiple quality modes, and in addition to the universal WMV format which plays perfectly on any platform, there are also MP4 files ready to satisfy your high heel urges when you are on the go. Photos are available as zipped sets and generally everything in the site’s member area is well-thought and highly user friendly. The content itself features great-looking models, either alone or paired with other girls, parading their stiletto heels around, touching them, putting their feet in and out, touching each other and basically doing everything to set you on fire. At the same time they’re talking about how they love wearing heels and getting men aroused, and they do it with real grace and artistic talent. What else does a stiletto heel fan need?

Stiletto Tease combines different types of high-heeled shoes a fan of this fetish may have a preference for with lovely models in expensive-looking lingerie and classy locations. The content delivers every smallest detail right to your face with the site’s trademark high quality videos and professional-looking photos. The subject is subtle and delicate, and so is the content offering high tension, very intensive episodes which really convey the appeal of high heeled shoes without being too obvious, silly or too dirty. Try it now!

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