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Stocking Brats

Stocking Brats

Review date: 13-Nov-2013 04:30. Did you know hot girls wearing nylons just can’t wait to be left all alone so that they can play with their intimate wear and each other’s soaked nylon-covered pussies? Well, maybe not all of them. But definitely the prettiest and the most sexually adventurous ones. Stocking Brats is the kind of place where such girls abound. Let the kinky nylon foot fetish play begin, keep reading!

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Stocking Brats

Intro promises:
Putting some good-looking nylons on is pretty much the hottest thing a girl can do. If we are to think about the hottest thing a girl can do to another girl, it will probably be playing with her nyloned feet in a sexy way, right? That is, if we are to keep the whole nylon slash feet thing going on here. But hey, if you are into pretty girls and great-looking nylons, the whole fetish sex subject will definitely come up at some point. Say hello to Stocking Brats, a site that covers pretty much everything sexy and kinky that two (or more) girls can do when they are in the mood for some nylon play. Launched as part of this family of sites that concentrate on all things feet- and nylon-themed, Stocking Brats is quite a thing to experience. The tour really has all the information you may need. Stocking Brats has that look like all these POV sites, remember? We hope you are following what we bring you every day, because porn reviewers of the year here, we do bring you whatever’s the newest out there. Anyway, what Stocking Brats has, and the tour showcases quite well, is authenticity. No more of these uninspired sequences where skanks bored out of their minds just go through the motions. Stocking Brats is all about these real life foxes who are young, full of crazy ideas, and all have a thing for sexy nylon and terrific-looking intimate wear. Stocking Brats does have a video trailer, but you will need to reach the join page for that. We feel that you should, really!

They love sucking each other’s toes wearing fishnets. This is only one of the confessions next door pervy girls make when you’re inside Stocking Brats. Each and every episode is packed with so much super hot girl on girl nylon-inspired sex you won’t be able to believe it. The member area at Stocking Brats is dark, basic-looking, and is never in the way. Videos will most likely be your main focus here. These come in a whole bunch of resolutions and formats, including 3GP for some reason. They are all downloadable, of course, and as far as we can tell, share the same quality and authenticity level. We also enjoyed the categorization, you can pick different models easily, and choose between all the naughty things they do to each other. Or, let’s say, you can choose between fetishes. Doesn’t matter whether you are in for big feet, colored nylons, toe sucking, long toes or other things that please your inner perv. Stocking Brats lets you access videos with all these very easily. Stocking Brats is part of this family of sites with a few other sites covering feet and nylons in there. They offer more focus on the feet part, and sometimes there’s a stronger focus on the femdom part of it all. They come at no extra cost, and as long as they are done in the same style as the Stocking Brats content, you are about to enjoy them a lot.

Stocking Brats is quite an interesting site that features next door girls wearing all sorts of sexy nylon wear and fooling around with each other. Think toe sucking, high heels, different kinds of colored pantyhose, and everything else that falls under foot orgy. The site has a strong focus on authenticity, sincere, honest, satisfying foot play, and neat-looking HD videos. Discover Stocking Brats now and all the sites that go with it. A real treat for those into fetish girl on girl action, feet, and nylons!

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