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Stop Or Ill Squirt

Stop Or Ill Squirt

Review date: 6-Oct-2017 06:08. When we're talking between the sheets, there are a couple of different ways you can squirt. On this site, it's not a matter of doing a bit of role playing and getting squirted by a toy gun because you've been bad. Stop Or I'll Squirt is actually all about the oh-so-elusive female orgasmic squirt. Most of the time when it comes to porn, it's not real.

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Stop Or Ill Squirt

Intro promises:
It's usually a bit of water being pushed out or even something else that's natural and just as juicy. On this site, however, they swear it's all real. We've done all the testing (being experts on the subject and all), and are glad to inform you that it is. There's so much squirting going on, you'll wish you were there to squirt them right back with all that joyful juice. Different chicks will give you different amounts of juicing up, but some of them will make you feel like you're being hosed down. Then again, why would you want them to stop? Not one scene or picture set is complete until someone lets it spray out like a blissful little fountain.

If you're looking for the proof in action, you'll want to check out the 34 videos available on the site. You'll be able to download them in a good-quality Windows Media format or in an iPod version. You can go on the site and check it out before paying, but you'll be cut off after viewing three previews. However, once you get your membership you'll get to see all 33 sets of pictures averaging about 80 pics per set. You'll get to be up close and personal with the juicy photos, so that you can testify that the fluids are the real thing, which the high-res quality will prove to you.

All by itself, there isn't much material. The stop in updates doesn't help things either. With your membership you'll at least get access to 16 other sites of the same network covering niches such as Latinas, giant pussies and feet. This one is worth your cash if we're talking about a brief membership.

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