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Straight But Broke

Straight But Broke

Review date: 12-Sep-2016 15:28. These guys have hot bodies, yummy uncut dicks, and the pristine sexual appeal of a straight guy unaware how hot he is. What they do not have is money. Well, this can be fixed! At Straight But Broke, straight guys make some dough by exposing themselves for the camera and even having sex with other men. They’re not that straight any more after it happens, right? You tell us!

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Straight But Broke

Intro promises:
This whole gay for pay thing has been around for a while. We bet you’ve seen at least a couple of websites which claim they got broke straight guys doing all sorts of crazy sexual stuff with other guys just to get hold of a few greenbacks. But hey, how fake is that shit? Many of these sites are over-commercialized plastic-feeling piles of bullshit. Like we would really believe straight guys would do that with the crew and the camera around and all that. Phew, it’s just not doing it for us anymore. Especially since we have Straight But Broke here! The site is brand new, as it is usual for us, and it deals with real life footage of straight, well, once straight, that is, guys doing it with other guys for money. They make this shit real. The site combines the raw appeal of amateur porn where nothing is planned, staged or retouched, and that delicious filthy feeling of knowing some straight dude just got his cherry popped for a few bucks. Well, maybe not for a few exactly, but you know what we mean. The site’s tour has this gritty, rough look which tells us we’re here for the real deal. Check this out, so many guys in the tour, and just think that all of them had their face or even butt fucked with raw cock for the first time ever, just because they’re desperate for money!

We like when good porn puts an unusual twist to something you already know. Like here, we know what boyfriend sex tapes look like, and we are also no stranger to the entire gay for pay concept. But hey, mix the two into one thing and you get something really exciting to watch. Straight But Broke mostly offers videos, with a bit of pictures, too. We’re not even sure where this stuff comes from. They say it’s from all sorts of hacks and private submissions and such, but once we start thinking of it, our mind just can’t stop and comes up with all sorts of crazy scenarios how a guy could have been turned gay for pay and a video of this ended up online. Really, a lot to imagine here! In addition to that you get your regular load of boyfriend type content with next door men from twinks to bears, jocks and older guys whipping it out and stroking it till it spurts. This is a pretty hard-hitting site, with rough guy on guy action combined with the sweet humiliation of doing gay stuff when you’re straight. But that’s what we’re here for! Straight But Broke really stands out of all the amateur guy-themed sites launched these days. Oh and did we tell you there are a lot of them coming up here, waiting to be reviewed? Stay tuned!

Straight But Broke is hot, crazy and full of stuff. Just the way you like your adult site to be. Whether you’re in for some hot next door guys doing it or you want to really fantasize about some hot-looking straight dude ending up with cum on his face because he was broke, Straight But Broke is ready to deliver. The site offers a diverse collection of material which never gets boring to watch. Just because you never know what’s coming next! Check it out and stay tuned for more edgy gay site reviews coming up today.

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