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Straight College Men

Straight College Men

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 08:23. This website is filled with a lot of attractive young men who are said to be straight but, then again, so are a lot of other websites targeted towards a gay audience. There's something about forbidden fruit that gay men just seem to gravitate towards, not least of all those elusive pussy chasers. We can't have them, so we want them?

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Straight College Men

Intro promises:
However, I will profess that I honestly do believe a lot of the boys on this site really are straight. Why do I say this? Well, for one, the straight ones are not having sex, unlike what you'd find on a lot of other 'straight' male websites. That's why this website has a sense of reality and truthfulness going for it: not once do you doubt that you're actually seeing a genuine straight boy up close and personal. And, yes, they do get naked.

For the most part, the videos are either a solo shoot where the guy strips and ends up jerking off or a group plays what you'd consider typical frat games with each other where their clothes eventually end up on the floor (Polar Bear Dip, Food Fight or Naked Twister, anyone?) Now, there are some that contain guys in sexual action (fingering, rimming, and/or sucking; one guy even puts a beer bottle up his ass), but I don't consider these part of the 'straight' boy videos that dominate the rest of the site. I got the feeling that they were thrown in here and here just to make the site gay enough to keep everyone happy. Nobody here is on the Abercrombie level as far as looks or builds go, but there are enough pretty boys and jocks throughout to get you off. In addition, these guys do look like they're having fun (and, in the case of the sexual videos, perhaps a little too much fun to be considered truly 'straight.') There are a few boys who pop up quite often but they're cute enough for you not to mind. All the movies can either be viewed as a streaming video or downloaded and are offered both in two formats (Windows Movie Viewer or RealVideo) and two sizes (small and large). The small format is slightly fuzzy but the large format is crystal clear. What I really like about these videos (apart from the men they contain, of course) is that they're very long, running approximately 20 minutes each. If you have high-speed Internet, the large ones download in a flash. On the flip side, if you have a modem or slow cable, I recommend that you just stick with the smaller or streaming videos because you'll be waiting forever for the download to finish otherwise. Each video is accompanied by a short story that builds up to the video that details the circumstances that conspired to create the scene you're about to see. The stories are hot for what they are, but they're just basically foreplay to tease you before the real action happens. One complaint I have is that most of the pictures on this site were too small: you can see what's happening but I'd like them to be a little bigger than a postcard (or in some cases, even smaller than that.)

Basically, if you enjoy seeing real straight men acting macho and getting naked, you've reached heaven. Or, if you prefer your man on top of another man, there's enough of that here to keep you happy as well.

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