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Strictly Glamour

Strictly Glamour

Review date: 15-Jul-2013 05:27. Enjoy fantasizing about glamour models taking control – and possibly some SM gear – into their beautiful hands? Strictly Glamour is for you then. This new classy site cares for the needs of those who want to see gorgeous centerfold women dolled up in PVC and leather and demanding your full attention and obedient service. This hot new site features truly fantastic content, don’t miss!

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Strictly Glamour

Intro promises:
We all have glamour models and centerfold babes bewitching in some sort of way. What if we take this thing further and let these ultra fine women bring out their inner Dominas? After all, it’s only logical. With the spell they weave with their expensive lingerie, smooth stockings, and flawless looks it’s no wonder men will want to be toys and servants in their powerful hands. This is pretty much what Strictly Glamour is all about. Essentially, you are about to see real glamour models from the UK and also from all over Europe experiment with their order-throwing, PVC-wearing, whip-holding side. Also, thigh-high boots, latex, canes, fishnets, and most importantly, complete control over you, the weakling. Strictly Glamour feels like a site that does not mess around. Precisely like these stunning, powerful women. Everything is cool, classy, and very much to the point. The tour explains the concept in plenty of detail. There are plenty of sample pictures of very fine quality. Also, Strictly Glamour has a very special membership system. The more you stay a member, the more ‘credits’ you get, which you can spend on this or that content inside the member area. It makes perfect sense to become a loyal Strictly Glamour customer and just keep getting more and more of their truly mind-blowing content. But more about that further on. Get ready, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

If you thought beauty that makes you weak in the knees was just an expression, think again. Strictly Glamour proves how strong and powerful and charming in an enslaving sort of way female beauty can be. Essentially, the site features solo shoots with all sorts of young, gorgeous, incredibly alluring women. They explore their darker, kinkier side putting on a whole femdom-themed show, demanding your full attention and urging you to submit. Plenty of material for your dirty little submissive fantasies, you perv! But Strictly Glamour is also quite a feast for the eye. The site has a very respectable content archive that becomes bigger and bigger the longer you stay a member. Well, literally. You can purchase these credits and spend them to unlock more content, or you can just stay a member and get the credits not doing anything extra. It’s totally worth it. With their breathtaking 5,600px photos and original 1080p HD videos you can download, this is quite an experience. You can also stream the movies in 720p and basically enjoy a very advanced set of features. It’s obvious the site cares about its viewers and strives to offer only the finest. A typical photo set has over 100 super high resolution pictures, and a video runs for 5-10+ minutes. Check out the How it works section, everything is explained quite clear. Strictly Glamour is a great place if you want a delicious mix of glamour, artsy erotica, and femdom.

Taste the whip – almost literally! Strictly Glamour is all about ultra gorgeous women who are being more than just stunning. They are also being demanding, nasty, even. Discover all these glamorous European babes with a penchant for controlling men – and enjoy all the site’s amazingly good-looking content. With a special member policy where you unlock more content the more you stay a member, Strictly Glamour keeps you thrilled and satisfied for a long, long time. A refined, upscale, glamorous place, Strictly Glamour is ready to be enjoyed by you right now!

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