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Strictly Hands

Strictly Hands

Review date: 3-Jul-2014 18:02. She has no choice but to stroke you silly with her bare hands! It’s two pleasures combined, taking advantage of a broke young hottie, and having your cock hand-rubbed all the way to explosion. Check out Strictly Hands for all-new, nasty-as-fuck handjob videos with a guy who pays handsomely for having his meaty stick played with. Terrific!

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Strictly Hands

Intro promises:
Times are tough all over, and these cupcakes have to struggle hard to keep their tight little asses off the streets. So, when given an offer to stroke some cock and get some cash in their pocket and most likely some cum in their face, they just cannot say no. Strictly Hands is a brand new handjob site where broke girls get a few extra bucks and the guy behind the site gets to spray on a new pair of tits or maybe eyes. In other words, it’s a win win situation with desperate hotties working hard and employing all the handjob skills they got. The site’s tour area is all previews, girls, handjob stories and video trailers. Sample videos are available for most of the episodes listed. The preview pictures are also pretty big and vivid, so you have no trouble checking out what kinds of girls fell prey to this mean handjob loving freak. The site has a classic adult entertainment feel about it, the design is well-balanced between fun and serious quality, and the video trailers play smoothly and look good. Man, if you enjoy a handjob, we feel you should check this out. Being brought to a sloppy explosion by a girl who uses her hands only, getting wet and naked in the process, it’s a very special experience. And the fact that the girls get paid for doing this only makes the entire thing even crazier!

Strictly Hands is a site where all the action develops around this one guy. He puts ads in classifieds and attracts chicks in any other way he can, hoping to harvest as much hot broke young flesh as possible. And looks like the business is booming. Every episode he does is in fact a POV video where he films stuff as his cock gets stroked by a girl. In fact, there’s quite a bit of variety here. The girls may almost suck on the thing or bring it really close to their wet shaved pussy, or slide it right between their meaty tits. In other words, every new girl goes to new lengths. The episodes contain pictures and videos as well. Whatever you choose, it’s gonna be fun, and our thing of preference where the videos lasting at around 20 minutes or so. Starting with a bit of interview, which is then followed by a bit of stripping and maybe playing with herself, and then the stroking stampede begins. For a handjob fan, there’s quite a bit of stuff to see here. If you like a pulsing cock being pulled and squeezed and stroked and massaged till it spits out plenty of sticky goo, this is the place to be. Turned on by the entire thing and turned on by having to stroke random cock for cash, the girls display extraordinary skill. The site stays true to its initial concept in every single episode. Adorable!

Pay attention, handjob fans, and lube up your sticks! Strictly Hands is here with its selection of brand new, action-packed POV episodes with broke girls doing it for cash. Young, cute and good with their hands, they will make you shoot over and over again. The site offers nice looking pictorials and video pieces you won’t find anywhere else. The site has a clever concept and sticks to it all the way as naughty girls perform some really good looking cock stroking acts.

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