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Stroke My Bone

Stroke My Bone

Review date: 12-Aug-2017 05:59. Gee, if I knew that I could actually get someone else to Stroke My Bone, I might not have chosen the illustrious career that has brought us so close together! Ok, well enough stroking my ego - this site is all about handy women doing the kind of things that get a rise (end eventual fall) from the guys they do them to.

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Stroke My Bone

Intro promises:
The handjob is paid homage to at this site and what better way to watch chicks jerking big cocks off into sticky cum volcanos than in high definition video! Yup, the makers of this site are keeping up with the times by offering the latest in start-of-the-porn-art quality flicks. That also applies to the picture galleries as well. I'm so glad (as you may be too) that I don't have to fly off on my usual rant, complaining about video screen captures being thumbnailed and pawned off to unsuspecting members as picture galleries. At this site, you'll be happy you got all those extra pixels on your screen and if you didn't, this might be just the incentive you need to max out your monitor. The quality of the galleries is refreshingly great at Stroke My Bone and the babes performing the handjobs seem to know what they're doing. Apparently, it's all in the wrist action, but I recommend watching, I mean studying, these dirty techniques for as long as your spouse lets you.

Both the guys and the chicks featured in the galleries are younger and in good shape. I have little doubt that, as you muse over some of these sweet misses laying their hands on a freshly unzipped dick, you may think back on a few chicks you have encountered who seemed like good candidates for this kind of job. If you're a sceptic (as I used to be) about the redeeming entertainment values of simply watching some guy's dick get stroked by a pretty hand (or two), you really have to check out some of these techniques. These girls have learned just how to add a dash of tongue and breast to their erotic massage which makes the whole performance interesting and definitely titillating. And for those of you wondering about how you will explain the $36.50 monthly fee to your accountant, you might start with the $2.91 excellent value sneak peek (aka Trial) for three days and then point out that the quality AND quantity of galleries were above the norm. And if that fails, you may also want to keep in mind that your membership to this site also gets you full access to a bunch of other high quality adult content sites at no extra charge. If handy babes flashing their bodies as they work up lounging cocks into happy cocks is your style of entertainment, the extra content included will be bonus indeed. And if you like to mix up your porn menu, then consider your money well spent on Stroke My Bone.

Just as there are many ways to wank a woody, there are just as many ways to cruise through the member offerings at this site. All the easy nav, formats, and site gadgets are in place to make your experience entertaining (rather than yet another computer literacy course). The title of Stroke My Bone is as sweet and to the point as what you will find inside!

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