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Stud Bang

Stud Bang

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:20. Stud Bang's parent company apparently offers a member loyalty program that goes a little something like this: ' For EACH DAY you log in to this site, you get 100 points! And... for EACH MONTH you remain a member of this site, you get 1000 points! Then use your points to bid for Adult related prizes! If you have enough points, you can even redeem them for prizes!'

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Stud Bang

Intro promises:
This program is advertised by a banner ad across the top of the Stud Bang page and, once clicked, pulls up a small window with a lovely lady (an actual woman) clad in black patent-leather stilettos and skimpy red lingerie modeling her support and encouragement for your continued patronage. Women lurk in strange places like this on Stud Bang and their presence is a bit disconcerting in that, traditionally, women don't play a huge role in gay male porn of any kind. (At least , not in front of the camera lenses')

With that in mind, Stud Bang offers pages of video clips from full-length videos formatted for Windows Media Player 10 that can be viewed in a smaller internal window or in a separate larger window and these clips are available in low, medium, and high-bandwidth versions. The clips feature a variety of men (black, Latin, bearish, older, and twinkish) in various scenarios lifted from full-length DVD, and possibly VHS, releases. The galleries feature pages of photos that often contain images of the same model either in a different locale or in a different ensemble or uniform.

Stud Bang offers access to number of sites, but the navigation can be a bit annoying. Here is an abbreviated list of links: Gay Blowout, Hard Freshmen, Jock Try Outs, and Dude Bang as well as Pornication Live, Castle Boys, Stroke4U, Interracial Gay Elite, Black Elite, Twinks on Parade, Swingers Lifestyle Network (just in case you suddenly feel the need to hook up with women in your area), Penile Exercises (' The results are real and over 50,000 men have currently used our unique program! '), Yahoo!, Fox Sports, The Onion, He Likes It Big, Lycos, Latin Balls, French Heat, The Smoking Gun, Adult Swim (yep, the cartoons'), Straight Goes Gay, NFL News, Anal Ninjas, Back Alley Boys, and The Fitness Gurus. In addition to the 'Hot Links' and the 'Cool Bookmarks' tabs, the ' Recommended Sites' tab is 'Coming Soon!' Confused ? Don't feel too bad. So are the men (and women) behind Stud Bang.

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